The Unexplained: What’s behind the mystery of Element 115?

What on earth is so special about Element 115? Some speculate that it is the fuel that propels UFO – extraterrestrial space craft.

A friend recently sent me an article about Element 115.  It seriously got my attention.  I decided I had to dig deeper.

Element 115 was created in 2003 in a Russian lab –Joint Institution for Nuclear Research in Dubra, Russia – by Russian and American scientists working in collaboration.  It is a super-heavy element – heavier than Uranium.  It is also known as Moscovium.  Yes, it is synthesized.

I am not able to adequately explain the intricasies of this element on paper, or in any other fashion.  I have read and re-read all about it, and it is way over my head.  I am convinced only a small percentage – perhaps nuclear physicists –  could understand it.  If I wrote all about it here, it would be so boring, no one would want to read it.  Reading about it gave me a confusion headache.

Why would anyone want to create it?  What good is it?  Was it just for the purpose of putting it on the Periodic Table?  It has a radioactive decay rate of 4 seconds.  How could something like that be harnessed?  How could it be used?  For what possible purpose?  Why was it so important that Russians and Americans would find the desire to work on it together?  It had not been detected as existing in nature and had to be created in a lab.

Sara Marie Hogg

Perhaps scientists thought it could have a valuable use in the future.  Perhaps they were trying to become knowedgeable about it now –  to be prepared.

Here is where it gets a tad hinkey.  According to one man, Element 115 has existed.  It existed near Area 51.

The man, Bob Lazar has claimed that he was recruited in the late 1980s to Area 51 to reverse engineer extraterrestrial technology – UFOs.  The sub site was known as S-4, and he worked on nine spacecraft.

Lazar’s accounts are bizarre. He claims to have degrees in physics and electronics from MIT and Caltech.  There are no records of his attendance at either college.  Even Stanton Friedman was certain that Lazar’s poor high school records would have prevented him from gaining entrance to either school.  Others add that his status as a physicist are self-proclaimed.

Lazar’s side if the story is that his college records have been erased by certain government agencies that do not want him talking about his reverse engineering projects.  The fact that Lazar has been charged with criminal activity has not helped his cause – most of the charges have to do with mishandling and shipping chemicals.

When Lazar’s workplace was raided by the FBI in 2017, Lazarus claimed they had come to get his sample of Element 115.  It was from a scrap he had retrieved from his reverse engineering projects near Area 51.  It was there that he saw wrecked UFOs and the bodies of gray aliens.

What on earth is so special about Element 115?

Element 115 has been speculated by Lazar and an army of followers to be the fuel that propels UFO – extraterrestrial space craft.

The crafts that Lazar has studied contained antimatter reactors topped by spheres that had a force field capable of repelling human flesh.  The crafts viewed were split into two levels.

The reactor was in the upper level, with an antenna, and there are gravity amplifiers surrounding it.  They are connected to gravity emitters in the lower level.  They can put out a gravity beam and an anti gravity wave.

Could extraterrestrial craft have been being propelled by Element 115 all along?

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