The Unexplained: What really went on behind closed doors?

President Harry S. Truman allegedly authorized the Majestic 12 to investigate UFOs after the Roswell Incident.

The mysterious document explained the formation and purpose of The Majestic 12—also known as MJ-12 or Majik-12 – after the Roswell Incident.  

In 1984, an anonymous person shoved an envelope through a mail slot in a door.

The contents of that envelope would change how many viewed The Roswell Incident, forever.

In the envelope was a roll of 35 mm film.

What in the world could be on that film?

The door the mail slot was in belonged to a well-known UFOlogist, Jaime Shandera.

Jaime did not gawk at the roll of film from an unknown sender for long.

What if I had images of UFOs or even aliens?

He gathered up a friend and they proceeded to develop the roll.

They were in for a disappointment.

It was not UFOs or aliens at all.

It contained photographic images of documentation, eight pages in all.

Its existence was not discovered until that day in 1984 when the film went through the chute.

What was the gist of this mysterious document?  It was to explain about the formation and purpose of The Majestic 12—also known as MJ-12 or Majik-12.

Majestic-12 is a committee allegedly formed shortly after The Roswell Incident in 1947, by President Truman.  The committee was made up of specialized scientists, government officials, and big military men.

Their purpose was to go in and investigate downed alien spacecraft and implement an efficient recovery.  All twelve of these brilliant people on the committee might be required to go in and recover the craft, causing the least amount of notice and possible panic.

Sara Marie Hogg

Since Day One after the Roswell UFO Incident, there were massive cover-ups about what actually happened there.   Why wasn’t more information learned and brought to the forefront around the time of the crash?  Surely someone would have gotten wind of the juicy information about MJ-12 and leaked it to UFO enthusiasts.

Nothing was leaked until the film went through the mail slot of Jaime Shandera.  He got up to fetch it when he heard the noise and was dumbfounded to find the roll of film.

Who could it possibly be from?

He was shocked to find the information on the film outlined the purpose of The Majestic 12.  Not only were these committee members authorized to investigate and recover, they were also put in place to engage with extraterrestrials in the future, should the need arise.

Whoever had fired the film through the mail slot was certain that the government had completely botched its treatment of The Roswell Incident.

The existence of Majestic- 12 has become credible to many UFOlogists.  It is too detailed and weird to have been made up, they conclude.

Others who have examined the documents are certain they are fake.  They were filled with words and phrases that were common in 1984, but not in common usage in 1947 when the committee was being formed.

Alleged committee members of The Majestic Twelve were:  Lloyd Berkner, Detlev Bronk, Vannevar Bush, James Forrestal, Gordon Gray, Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, Jerome Clarke Hunsaker, Donald H. Menzel, Robert M. Montague, Sidney Souers, Nathan F. Twining, and Hoyt Vandenberg.

If anyone is interested in what the FBI thought of these documents when they obtained copies of them, they did not redact any of the information and simply wrote “bogus” across the pages.

That in itself is quite odd, not a routine procedure for the FBI, whose agents never wrote bogus across pages in their possession.

Real or a hoax?

Who created it?

Big mysteries.

Still unsolved.

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