The Unexplained: What is the mysterious disc on Mars?

Image of the disc that crashed into a canyon Mars. Photo: Daily Caller

Researchers have found a disc is in the bottom of a canyon called Candor Chasma in the Valles Marineris on Mars.

News has come from researchers recently about an astounding mystery on Mars. On December 13, 2021 the mystery was revealed to the masses. The cause of the mystery is still a big mystery.

There is a perplexing set of images and it certainly does not seem like what is on the Martian landscape is a natural formation—nor is it something topographical. The objects are too perfect.

What I am describing is a saucer shaped disc that is embedded in the Martian soil near Ceti Mensa, and it seems to have left a jagged track in the dirt as it possibly crashed and skidded until it came to a stop.

The South African who unveiled the mystery made a video with the images and explained the evidence and possibilities for what we are seeing in them. He says it appears that a disc crashed in the deep canyons of Mars in 2006.

Sara Marie Hogg

Questions come to mind. Where did the disc come from? How was it propelled? What is inside it? Is this the only disc, or are their others?

University of Arizona scientists back up the discovery of his images. The images were captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The disc is in the bottom of a canyon called Candor Chasma in the Valles Marineris system.

Measurements indicated that the disc is 12-15 meters across. Did the disc make its own downward path as it crashed at a low angle, or was it trying to use an engineered ramp that was ineffective?

There is another interesting, but far-fetched, possibility that it could be a structure that was built into a dune, or created by an organism making a strange cocoon.

If it was built into a dune it could be similar to the Project Ice Worm project of the cold war. The U. S. was attempting to build tunnels under the Greenland Ice Sheet to be used to deploy nuclear weapons in the event of a world crisis. The Ice Worm Project was threatened by melting glaciers and was abandoned.

The South African, Jean Ward, has researched a mass of images and videos of Mars—going over every little detail and enlarging sections when his curiosity is piqued.

During one of his examinations he found something in a strange trench at the bottom of the largest canyon we know of in the solar system.

At the end of the trench was a perfect disc. It is mostly covered with sand and debris. Random dunes are on all sides. Ward commented further that the disc is elevated on one side as a result of plowing into the surface.

Researchers are correct that NASA is concerned about contamination, but the same researchers are calling for a further investigation of the strange disc.


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