The Unexplained: What is Argentina’s connection with UFOs?


Local residents in Frias spotted the fireball and at first thought it was simply a meteor. However, experts stated that most space rocks burn up quickly when they hit the earth’s atmosphere whilst this footage shows the UFO burning for over three minutes.
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The documented history of UFOs in Argentina goes clear back to 1816 when witnesses saw four fiery balloon-like objects fall to earth producing whirlwinds and tremors beneath them.

The temperature in Argentina usually ranges from 47 degrees Fahrenheit to 83 degrees Fahrenheit.  Amazing, since Ushuaia, Argentina is is only 620 miles from the Antarctic Peninsula.  What is so unusual about this long country at the bottom of South America—a country that is known for its tango and gauchos?  What characteristics would make it a magnet for UFO activity?

Argentina does have a rich UFO history.  Here are its most outstanding cases:

On May 12, 1962, three truckers were traveling on Route 35 near Jacinto Arauz.  They spotted a boxcar-shaped object in a field.  It was bathed in an eerie light.  It rose up and crossed the road at a level of four meters high.  The light dimmed and flames came out of the bottom.  Then the object divided in two and each half went off in separate directions.

Sara Marie Hogg

December 1, 1965, is the date that marks the Adhara Lunar Transit Event, and it is a doozie.  Observatory staff at the Adhara Observatory observed saucers going in front of the moon and they photographed them from their location in San Miguel.  Skeptics say it is the result of flaws in the film.

On October 27, 1973, a truck driver was changing a tire at night when a light came down and paralyzed him.  He then saw an object in the sky and later two beings.  They conducted medical tests on him.  His name is Dionisio Llanco and he relayed his story from a hospital bed where he was recovering from the ordeal.

On January 9, 1986, a child saw a UFO land on Mount Pajarillo near Capital del Monte.  A circular print was found the next day and it is thought to be made by a UFO, landing.  The print was named Huella del Pajarillo.  There is an annual UFO festival at Capilla del Monte with parades of neon lights, alien dolls, and green plush toys.  People dress up as Star Wars characters and wear other alien costumes to enter the best alien contest commemorating the January 9, 1986 event in this town in the province of Cordoba.

December 25, 1988 marks a famous event where 7,500 witnesses saw a silver UFO fly over Villa Urquiza, a highly populated area of Buenos Aires.  The object was picked up on airport radar, going east to west.

In addition to these famous cases, there are many reports of UFOs going into and coming out of volcanoes in both Central and South America.

The documented history of UFOs in Argentina goes clear back to 1816, and the event occurred just three months after Argentina’s July 9th Declaration of Independence from Spain and the United Provinces of the Rio de la Plata.  Witnesses saw four fiery balloon-like objects that fell to earth producing whirlwinds and tremors beneath them.  A cart was destroyed and a woman inside a house was pulled out and transported fifteen city blocks distant.  The event was described in the Gazeta de Buenos Ayres, October 16, 1816.

Several towns in Argentina were witnesses to a remarkable UFO on January 4, 2015.    Witnesses got videos of the object and one of the videos has been declared as the best-ever video of a UFO.  The town of Frias seemed to have the best view.  Was it simply a meteor?  This is not probable as most burn up when they impact the atmosphere of the earth.  It can be seen moving for three long minutes and it seemed to be able to change directions—it did so, several times on the video, starting midway through.  Witnesses reported seeing this glowing V-shaped UFO from as far away as Brazil.

Recently another strange event happened in Argentina this year, November of 2021.  On Monday morning, November 22, a woman could not be located by family and friends.  Her husband was not far away in a field and when he returned she was nowhere to be seen. She lives near the town of Cuatro Esquinas.  She was reported missing and a net was extended over the surrounding area by authorities.  They searched and searched for the woman—professionals and amateurs alike.

Residents in the area were asked if they had seen any strange activity going on, or any strange people inside the police perimeter.  Many reported the same strange thing:  a mysterious white light had bathed the area at the time the woman was thought to have disappeared.  The authorities conducted a more intense search in the area where the mysterious, heavenly light had been the brightest.

A few friends had reported silent cell phone calls from this same area.  It was over forty miles from her home.  As they tramped about into the night looking for her, she was, at last, found on the following day.  She was on the side of a road and was disoriented and anxious.  The woman was not in good enough physical shape to have walked that far, her husband emphasized.  She could not have walked very far at all.

The woman tried to speak to her rescuers, but could not.  A quick-thinking person gave her a pen and a piece of paper.  Her puzzling experience began when she heard a strange noise coming from out in her yard.  She went onto her patio and was overcome by a cloud of white light.  Then, she went into a memory blackout.  She still had her cell phone with her.

She doesn’t remember the next part of her experience, but apparently she attempted to call several people on her contact list.  She did not say anything and the people at the other end only heard a buzzing noise.  These attempted phone calls did help authorities zoom in on her location, and they were able to go right to her.  She was taken to an area hospital and her speech returned after a few days of TLC.

Many of the witnesses to the white light eventually confessed that it was coming from an object in the sky at the center of the light.

I was very much interested in this story, but it seems to be still unfolding so I put off writing about it.  It is possible that the woman does not want to be identified.  Some insiders to the drama are convinced she was taken up into a UFO and it is apparent that she did not walk the forty miles.  Her clothing was neat and not rumpled or soiled.

Oscar “Quique” Mario, a UFO expert would not commit to saying that she had been abducted, but he did surmise that she had been placed where she was found by something.  He would not expand further.

It seems the woman and the witnesses are hesitant to become the center of attention and perhaps have consequences or ridicule.  They do not want their lives to become complicated.

With additional research, I have uncovered the woman’s name, Irma Rick, and she relayed to authorities that a wind sucked me away.  It will be interesting to see if more of this story will come to light in the days ahead.


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