The Unexplained: What did the mysterious handbags carry?

What is the strange symbol of cosmic handbags found in stone carvings around the ancient world. The wrist watch is an added mystery. Photo: Ancient Origins

Why did so many ancient civilizations that could not communicate with each other build pyramids, and why did their different deities carry handbags?

Have extraterrestrials ever visited Earth?  Carl Sagan, astrophysicist, took into account this possibility.  We could know for sure, if writing had always been around, but extraterrestrials could have visited before writing was invented, over 5,000 years ago, at 3400 B.C.

Sagan was intrigued by the Sumerian civilization of ancient Mesopotamia.  He pointed out a strange fish-like creature in Sumerian accounts that needs investigation.  It was known as Oannes.  “This deserves more careful study.”

Sagan did not come out and say there is any concrete evidence of alien visitation to the Sumerians, but he was intrigued.  They had a most elevated society.  They were advanced in agriculture, architecture, arts, including sculpture, and they invented cuneiform writing that could be punched out quickly, with ease, on clay tablets.  Many tablets still exist.

Sara Marie Hogg

Oannes was a legendary creature that had a body like a fish.  It had a head like a fish – with another, more human head under that.  Down by the fish’s tail were two human-like feet.  Oannes had risen up out of a nearby area of the Persian Gulf.

According to legend, this creature, Oannes, gave the Sumerians special “insight into letters, and sciences, and every kind of art.  He taught them to construct houses, found temples, to compile laws, and explained to them the principles of geometrical knowledge.  Could Oannes have been real and from another world?

The fantastic Sumerian civilization was between 4,500 and 1900 B.C.

This brings me to the subject matter that has recently come to my attention:  there are some strange Sumerian artworks that depict the deities as carrying handbags – or purses.  Some of them also seem to be wearing wristwatches.

Dozens of stone bas relief detailed carvings of Sumerian deities depict them as carrying stylish handbags.  Not only that, the handbags appear in carvings in ancient Turkish temples, in the decorative arts of the Maori of New Zealand, and across the water in the crafts of the Olmecs.  The handbags are in Dogan wall paintings, and on remote islands like Sumba.

The first known handbags appeared at the end of the ice age, but since then, the handbags have been found in ancient cultures all over the world.  Some of the mysterious gods and deities that are carrying the hand bags appear to have on huge wristwatches – some on both wrists.

Why are the odd things found all over the world in ancient cultures that had no contact with each other?  Why did so many ancient civilizations that could not communicate with each other build pyramids, and why did their different deities carry handbags?

Did Oannes, or something similar, serve as a link between all?  It’s incomprehensible.

Some have ventured that the bags represent the cosmos.  Others think the bags are containers for seeds.  Seeds were so important to agricultural societies.  Some think the handbags carried hallucinogens.  Some think they are simply buckets.

Look at the strange carvings and artwork from all over the word.  What do you think?

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