The Unexplained: Was it an encounter of the third kind?

Billy Meier is a Swiss national who in the 1970s claimed he had been in contact with aliens from the Pleiades star cluster – and had photographs to prove it. Several of his photographs were auctioned by Sothebys for as much as $6,000.

One morning he returned from the forest with photographs of a metallic-looking disc with portholes that was hovering over the landscape.

In the late 1980s, I ordered a book from the book club that was just too hard to resist. Light Years by Gary Kinder is 223 pages of leaf-turning bliss for anyone fascinated by the possibility of other-worldly entities and their engineering feats.

The book is about the life of a poor Swiss man, his bizarre trips into a nearby spooky, medieval-looking forest, and the photographs he was able to take of UFOs. As time has gone by, the close examiners of the images agree: hoaxy. When the Time-Life Unexplained Mystery series Ran some of Billy’s photos in their UFO volume, the caption stated, “Meier has attracted many believers and even his detractors concede that his pictures, if fake, are remarkably clever.”

Who is Billy Meier?

Eduard “Billy” Meier was a disabled Swiss caretaker with a long, thick beard. His left arm had been severed just above the elbow in a bus accident in Turkey in 1965 when he was traveling back to Switzerland one day. He received a disability check from the Swiss government, monthly, and supplemented his income raising chickens and selling eggs. Neighbors said he had become very proficient in doing things with only his right arm—even nailing nails. They also reported that he was able to use his stump for some jobs, grasping with it.

Billy Meier

Billy’s experiences started in 1975 when he began leaving the home in the middle of the night—according to his wife—and riding his green moped into the forest near his village of Hinwil, Switzerland. He had a small cart that he could hitch to the back of the moped and it was usually attached.

One morning he returned from the forest with photographs of a metallic-looking disc with portholes that was hovering over the landscape—meadows inside the tall, somewhat obscuring, evergreen forest.

Over the next five years, he produced hundreds of photos of the strange discs, different, but similar, some with great detail. He made tape recordings of the sounds the space ships made—he called them beamships. He made videos of the ships in flight and he also collected scraps of unidentifiable metals left behind.

When these experiences started, Meier was a thirty-seven-year-old man with the equivalent of a sixth-grade education.

Meier became obsessed with his visits to see the UFOs and he got a small loan from an old, old friend to put an ad in a German publication, Esotera. The ad asked for other people who were interested in “things metaphysical,’ to contact Meier.

The neighbors who were irritated at Meier’s odd work habits, his comings, and goings to the forest, were even more irritated when his home and their neighborhood were swarmed upon by people answering the ad. The people and cars were there well into the night.

When the people left, most of them had curious facial expressions and the neighbors could hear Billy’s wife screaming at him. She was not thrilled with the company either.

Not one of Meier’s neighbors had tried to attend a metaphysical meeting at his home. If they had, they would have heard his explanation for some of his odd behavior. According to Billy, he had been being contacted telepathically by alien beings from a planet in the Pleiades. They had instructed him where to go in the forest.

When he first arrived, they landed a beamship and met with him in person. His favorite alien was a gentle, lithe, humanlike female creature that he called Semjase. He took a small group of interested people to the spot where he often communed with Semjase, and there they saw three swirls of flattened grass where the beamship had landed.

Like other tales of alien contact, the story Semjase told was that there were other thinking beings in the universe besides Earthlings and Semjase’s

Civilization is trying to gain the acceptance of the people on other planets for the possibility of other intelligent life. They are also requesting those of other worlds to keep peaceful order in the universe.

It has been over forty years since Billy Meier surfaced with his otherworldly images and bizarre stories—some reputable scientists examined his evidence and thought there were many valid points to be found in his huge collection. Whatever you believe, you might like to look at the UFO images of Eduard “Billy” Meier on the internet. They are still thought-provoking images of bizarre beauty.

Sara Marie Hogg is the author of Curious Indeed, a collection of stories about the unknown and unexplained. Please click HERE to purchase your copy from Amazon.

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