The Unexplained: UFOs and the plane that never came home

A ways into the flight, Fredrick reported to Air Flight Service that he was being followed by a UFO. The Cessna disappeared and was never found. Photo: Simple Flying News

Three remarkable and frightening cases about UFOs in the night sky. Why are they there? What are they looking for?

The late Budd Hopkins (d. 2011) was at the forefront of investigating alien abduction phenomena and related research.  He had a BA from Oberlin College and was a competent artist.  He was included in the documentary, American Painters and his work is in the collections of prominent museums.

As a child, he was terrified by the War of the Worlds broadcast.  His final realization that it was not real made him develop a hard skepticism about any future UFO news items.

In 1964, he and two friends actually saw a UFO near Truro, Massachusetts.  He went to Otis Air Base for an explanation and was not satisfied with their response.  He smelled a cover-up.  He began reading and collecting on the subjects of UFOs and alien contact.  Soon, alleged abductees from all over began contacting him by mail.  There are three standout cases he investigated, and there were many.

Case number one was Travis Walton. Travis Walton was a forestry worker in Arizona.  In 1975, he went missing from his job for five days and 6 hours.  A massive search was unsuccessful.

Travis reappeared on the side of the road, walking along near Heber, Arizona.

While he was riding in a truck with six fellow workers, they all saw a saucer-shaped craft hovering over a patch of ground.  It made a high pitched buzz.  Against the advice of his fellow workers, Travis Walton got out and approached the saucer-like craft.  A beam of light came down and knocked him out.  The other workers had driven away in fright.  When Travis came to, he was in a hospital-like room where three short bald creatures were staring at him.  He tried to fight them.  A more human-like form came and put a clear mask over his face.  The next thing he knew, he was walking down the road.

Sara Marie Hogg

Case number two involves Linda Napolitano.  In November of 1989, about three a.m., Linda was sleeping next to her husband in a Manhattan apartment building.

The window of her 12th story apartment was closed, but she was floated out that window, on a beam, into a hovering UFO by three grays–non human entities.

A telephone operator witnessed the whole spectacle, from her car on the Brooklyn Bridge. The UFO was so bright, it had a blinding effect.  She and other witnesses on the bridge stopped–their lights went out. Some of these witnesses on the Lower East Side were screaming.

Linda was scared and tried to wake up her husband.  A voice in her head commanded, “shut up!”  It seemed like she was being held down by a sheet.  She then saw a blue light outside the window. Soon, she saw cars below and the Brooklyn Bridge.  Inside the craft, the three beings put her on a table and put some kind of long probe up her nose. She blacked out and found herself back in her own bed.

Later on, when her sinus area began to bother her, Linda was able to have a series of radiographs made.  On the films was a 6 mm long curly wire-like structure in her nasal area.  Future attempts to examine the film revealed that the image had disappeared from the X-Rayl.

The third case is that of Fredrick Valentine.  Fredrick was a young pilot from Australia.  He was going to fly from South of Melbourne to King’s Island, southward, to have dinner with friends.  He was in a chartered Cessna 182L, and the flight would be 130 nautical miles.

On October 21, 1978, he took off from Victoria’s Morabin Airport.  The usually rough weather was calm on that day.

A ways into the flight, Fredrick reported to Air Flight Service that he was being followed by a UFO.  Then, it was circling over him.  It was 1,000 feet above him and seemed to be playing some kind of a game.  He reported that the engine of the UFO was making a large screeching noise.  At 7:12 p.m. the Air Flight Service Service heard a loud noise, then, there were no more transmissions.  Valentine or his plane were never found.

Valentine believed that aliens could be possible and had collected a large file of his own on UFOs and aliens.

Witnesses in the distance reported they had seen a strange green light in the sky.  It simmered like metal, then disappeared.

Then there is this:  a Cape Otway farmer spotted a flying object over his home.  It was at least 30 meters in diameter.  It had a small aircraft attached to its side.  The plane seemed to be leaking oil.  He memorized the tail number of the plane and wrote it down. The numbers were consistent with the missing Cessna.

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