The Unexplained: The UFO Incident at Falcon Lake

The sketch drawn by Stefan Michalak while the strange saucers descended toward Falcon Lake.

Before the door on the mysterious craft shut all the way it emitted a blast of super-hot steam that burned Stefan, and his clothing caught fire. 

In an isolated section of southeastern Manitoba, there is a great geological expanse of Precambrian Shield.  What is that?  It is a large area of exposed Precambrian igneous and high-grade metamorphic rock that forms the ancient geologic core of the North American Continent—also known as the Canadian Shield or the Laurentian Plateau.

In this area of Manitoba, the shield is made of granite.  The location is near Falcon Lake, named for Pierre Falcon, poet and songwriter, 1793-1876.

If you took a horseback ride up there and climbed up on the slab of granite, you might notice something peculiar if you studied the lonesome spot for awhile.  You would find yourself encircled by tall spruces and possibly hear the gurgling stream nearby.  Moss and vegetation form a soft blanket over the granite—but there is something else.  There is one circular spot that has no moss or vegetation.

The granite is bare.

It has remained a bare circle in that spot for fifty-three years.

What happened on that spot in 1967 on the 20th of May?

What could have possibly happened?

Sara Marie Hogg

On that day, a 51-year-old man named Stefan Michalak was prospecting for quartz.  He had left his vacationing family back at the cabin.  Stefan had wandered far into the forest of spruces, losing track of the time.  As dusk fell on this evening, he was surprised to see two aircraft hovering over the area.  They moved silently and appeared to be 45 meters away.  They were not shaped like regular aircraft.  Were they experimental, either Canadian or American?

Stefan was confounded and it didn’t take him long to realize he was witnessing something extraordinary and possibly important.  Since he had no photographic equipment that would do, he began sketching what he was seeing.  That is when one of the sky objects descended lower, barely hovering above the granite.  As it got more to his level, he could see that it had a saucer shape.

He was frantically fine-tuning the details on his drawings when he was flabbergasted to see an opening appear in the side of the saucer.  Out wafted warm air and a sulfurous vapor.  Michalak could not control his curiosity and inched forward to peer inside the opening.  He was convinced he heard voices inside but they would not answer his summons.  He tried to communicate in English, Russian, German, and Polish.

No reply.

When he got a glimpse inside, his eyes could not adjust immediately to the bright lights.  When he could once again see clearly, he was astonished to make out banks of lights forming patterns.  Before he could think what to do next, the opening began to close.  Before it shut all the way it emitted a blast of super-hot steam that burned Stefan and his clothing caught fire.  Then, the craft began spinning as it went back up into the sky and flew away with the other craft.

The experience left Stephan confused and disoriented.  He had a hard time working his way back to the family cabin.  His compass no longer worked.  He felt ill for a long time and was plagued by the aroma of sulfur.  He finally went to a hospital.  Doctors there could find no answers.

 The burns that were still on his abdomen, in a definite grid pattern, exactly matched the pattern on his drawing of the exhaust vents on the saucer.  The patterned burn scars stayed on his skin for a lifetime.

Before he had peeked into the saucer door, Stefan had had his wits about him enough to examine the exterior of the UFO.    It was perfectly smooth and flawless, with no seams.

A short time after his experience, he got enough nerve to return to the site.  He brought a friend with him for company.  There, at the spot, they found scorched ground and broken tree limbs.

Some eminent paranormal investigators have explored the site.  There have even been some horseback tours, for selected interested parties.  During one venture, an investigator found something interesting in cracks of the bare granite—they were fragments of metal—and they proved to be radioactive.

Just what was out there?  What did Stefan Michalak encounter?  There are no answers.

Sara Marie Hogg is the author of Quite Curious, a collection of true stories about the bizarre and unexplained. Please click HERE to find the book on Amazon.

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