The Unexplained: The Scent of an Alien

Witnesses that were abducted by aliens reported the odors of cinnamon, yeast, damp earth, and the smell of burning cardboard or paper.

If you are an armchair UFOlogist, you are very familiar with Hynek’s Scale.  J. Allen Hynek, astronomer and researcher, introduced his scale in a 1972 book, The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry.

He offered a sixfold classification for UFO sightings.

Nocturnal Lights

Daylight Discs (ovals and discoids)

Radar Visual (radar confirmation)

Close Encounters of the First Kind (sightings of a UFO with the ability to see details of the craft)

Close Encounters of the Second Kind (A UFO that causes an effect on a machine or human body, or that leaves traces behind)

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (an animated entity is seen–alien)  A researcher, Ted Bloecher, created six subtypes for this one.


Sara Marie Hogg

UfOlogists then added extensions to Hynek’s Scale.

Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind (a human Earthling is abducted by a UFO or its occupants)

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (direct communication with an alien)

It is a little unsettling – or perhaps exciting – to wonder what future extensions to Hynek’s Scale might be.

The last three scale entries, Third, Fourth, and Fifth, require an alien to be present.

Unless the human witness is in a trance, blacked out, or otherwise incapacitated, there is reason to believe the alien can be examined for details such as height, skin color, body and facial features, presence of hair, or other body extensions.  What vocalizations did the alien make and what were the tonal characteristics?

If you bumped into an alien, what would it feel like – warm, cold, clammy, hard, soft, smooth, bumpy?  Ripply?  Finally, do aliens have a distinct smell depending on what part of the universe they came from?

Scientists have surmised that some aliens could have a bad smell because of one chemical.

Science magazines from both MIT and Yale have spotlighted studies of phosphine as a biosignature.  Phosphine gas is probably present in some exoplanets that do not have oxygen-reliant life forms.  The life forms could be non-oxygen reliant, if any.

On earth we have recently discovered one such non-oxygen-reliant life form.    It is a Henneguya Salmimicola, a salmon parasite.  The cosmos could possibly contain others of these life forms that do not rely on oxygen.

Here, phosphine has an awful odor.  If it is produced by non-oxygen-reliant life forms elsewhere, it is probable that such aliens would not be pleasant for Earthlings to be around.  It is debatable as to whether or not these aliens would have high intelligence, or humanoid characteristics, or anything even close.

I got to thinking of all the people that have reported being abducted or had alien contact.  Did they report any aromas or odors connected with their alien experiences?  I couldn’t recall anything specific.  I was in for a shock.

UFO research has revealed close encounter witnesses that reported unknown fuming odors in relation to the operation of a flying craft.

Moreover, those witnesses that were abducted by aliens, or in their presence, reported the odors of cinnamon, yeast, damp earth, and the smell of burning cardboard or paper.  The mixture of aromas is eerie and cloying, the witnesses say.

An LA artist was also curious about the possible aroma of aliens.  He was so curious that he began an in-depth study.  He could not find much information on the subject.  Artist, J. Merrell, began going through book after book.  He interviewed those who claimed to be abductees.  He studied video clipsof interviews.

When he found out the various odors described by a concensus of the witnesses, he was determined to recreate it in a laboratory.  Mr. Merrell had the idea to make a perfume that captured the scent of an alien.  He collaborated with perfumer, Chris Gordon to come up with their creation, “Abduction ”

There is a label on the Eau de Parfum bottle that reads “you will forget what has happened until the appointed time.”

It is not easy to find the perfume now, but when It was produced the samples were six dollars, the large bottles more pricey.  They were available at Alien Con for a time and on a website that seems to be down, now.  The ad for the perfume proclaimed it had: ozonic notes, earthy notes, metallic notes, woody notes, and spices.  I will surely be watching for it to reappear online.

No one is probably wearing the perfume in your area right now, so if you are parked on a dark lonely road, or taking an evening jog and you get a whiff of something cinnamony, woodsy, earthy, yeasty…..maybe it would be be best to just go on home.

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