The Unexplained: The Mystery of Emilie Sagee

Emilie Sagee had the strange ability to be at two different places at the same time. General Photographic Agency.

It seems that Mademoiselle Emilie Sagee could perform bilocation – her physical body could be in two places at once.

Something bizarre happened in 1845 at a boarding school for girls in Latvia.  It has not been explained to this very day.

A young school mistress was asked to resign her position as teacher because the enrollment of students had dropped from 42 to 12, just because of her presence there.

What was so disconcerting about Mademoiselle Emilie Sagee, age 32?  The French lady from Dijon had come to the Pensionnat of Neuweike as a French instructor under the supervision of Moravian directors.

She was described as fair, with chestnut hair, medium tall, and slender.  She was even-tempered but reserved.  Sometimes she could be anxious.

Not long after her arrival, after easing gracefully into her teaching routines, odd things started to happen.  Rumors began swirling about her.  The young students were gossiping amongst themselves in disbelief, and subject matter of their tales started leaking outside their immediate circles.

It seems that Mademoiselle Sagee could perform bilocation – her physical body could be in two places at once.

Sara Marie Hogg

On one occasion she was at the front of the class teaching, while students peeking out the window on the sly, saw her picking flowers in the garden at the same moment.

Another time, when she was teaching, an identical person left her body and appeared alongside her at the front of the classroom.

These odd events continued.  Emilie, herself, had no knowledge of the presence of her doppelganger– only what was told to her by others.  It was said that when the twin appeared, the original Emilie would become groggy and lethargic.

Two of the students once tried to pass their hands through Emilie’s doppelganger.  They said that it felt cobweb-by.

Emilie Sagee was asked to resign by the school directors when parents gave her as the reason for withdrawing their children from the prominent school.

Emilie exclaimed to the directors that nineteen dismissals was too much to bear.  The astonished directors learned that she had been discharged on eighteen previous occasions.  She had lost her first teaching position when she was sixteen years old.

Mademoiselle Sagee then packed and went to live with her sister-in-law.  The sister-in-law’s children soon became very familiar with seeing two Emilies moving about in their sphere.

At some point Emilie went into the interior of Russia, where biographers lost her trail.

Three important people recorded the strange case of Emilie Sagee: a French astronomer, Camille Flammarion, Russian parapsychologist, Alexander Aksakov, and author Robert Dale Owen.  An actual witness to the bilocation events was Julie de Guldenstubbe, who related her experiences.

Other cases of bilocation exist, the most famous is Padre Pio who lived from 1887-1968.  He was an Italian Franciscan friar.  The padre had paranormal gifts and miracles swirling about him from childhood on.  Followers testified that he had been in their presence when he was observed with followers elsewhere at the same time.  He would be saying a rosary here, while conducting a mass elsewhere.

An American pilot in WWII was getting ready to bomb an enemy nest in Italy when the friar appeared in the air in front of his plane and prevented the action.  As a result, a monastery,  and all Allies in it, were spared.

A nun, sister Maria was able to bilocate from Spain to New Spain-Texas and New Mexico-in 1620 where she worked to convert native tribes to Christianity.

St. Fastina and many other Catholic saints have been rumored to have the ability to bilocate.

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