The Unexplained: The Mysterious Stanford Abduction

Louise Smith, left, Elaine Thomas, and Mona Stafford believed they were abducted by a UFO.

Before they could utter screams of disbelief, a beam, blue and laser-like, shot down from above. Their memories went blank. Ninety minutes of their time could not be recalled.

There was an eerie electricity in the air opening night at the Pioneer Playhouse in Danville, Kentucky.  High Strangenesswas the production that everyone in the audience had come to see.  The play was penned by Elizabeth Orndorff—she has authored several plays that have Kentucky History as themes.  The play is a dramatized and partially fictional account of a true event that happened in Kentucky in 1976.

In the actual event, three Kentucky women were driving back to their homes from a favorite restaurant. The good friends had decided to have a late-night dinner out.  This ride home is when their enjoyable outing took a frightening turn.  The car was winding along Kentucky Highway 78 when the car began driving itself—long ahead of a time that there was that kind of car.

Before they could utter screams of disbelief, a beam, blue and laser-like, shot down from above. They all remembered that much.  Their memories went blank after that.  What had happened?  When they came back to their senses, they were rolling along in the car again.  Ninety minutes of their time could not be recalled.

This event is sometimes also known as The Stanford Abduction.  Their dinner out was an informal celebration of Mona Stafford’s 36th birthday.    The restaurant was located between Stanford, Kentucky, and Lancaster, Kentucky. After they had enjoyed their delicious meal, they started the drive back home.  None of them had consumed any alcohol that night, it should be noted.

Sara Marie Hogg

Louise Smith drove her 67 Nova down Highway 27 and turned off on Highway 78 toward Hustonville.  Just about this time, the three women noticed a bright red light in the sky.  Mona was the first to notice it.  Then the third friend, Elaine Thomas, described it from the back seat.  The light was being emitted by a huge object above,  They said it was bigger than two houses.  It came down and stopped in the road ahead of them and rocked back and forth.  Then it eased off to the left.

A frightened Louise kept driving.  That is when a bright blue light came from behind.  Louise let off the gas as something else took control of the car.  Her foot was no longer anywhere near the accelerator and the speedometer was pegging at 85 mph.  Mona, in the passenger’s seat, tried to help Louise regain control of the vehicle.  All of the women began having severe burning eye pain as they tried to comprehend what was going on.  The gauges on the dashboard indicated the car was now in a total stall, but it continued to speed wildly along the highway.

They were going so fast that they could not make out many landscape details, but after a few moments, it became clear that they were on Highway 78 on the outskirts of Hustonville.  They had little memory of the 8 miles they had just traveled to get there.  Louise was able to begin driving the car again and went right to her home in nearby Liberty.  Their eyes were still burning.  When they tried to wash up, water stung their skin in an almost unbearable way.  While rinsing her face, Louise noticed the hands on her wristwatch were spinning.  They had lost an hour and a half of their time.

They were very confused and went to confide in a neighbor.  The neighbor did not dismiss them and he asked them to draw sketches of anything they had seen.  The sketches were all similar, even though they were all separated to make the drawings.  They contacted the police at the area naval office and were given the brush-off.

There were red marks on the backs of the women’s necks when they got home that night.  All three of the women continued to have burning eyes and skin.  The 67 Nova continued to suffer from electrical problems, and Louise Smith’s parakeet was horribly frightened of her from that point forward.  It died within two months.

 One of the policemen at the naval office leaked the strange tale of the three women to other sources.  It was not long before their incident was getting more attention, and people came forward testifying that they had also seen strange lights in that part of Kentucky on that night.

The women passed lie detector tests with flying colors, and they were also hypnotically regressed to try to find out what happened during their missing 90 minutes.  Their experiences were similar to those of Barney and Betty Hill.  They had been medically examined by shadowy figures on board a vague type of craft.

It is but another incident that truly cannot be explained.  The people who lived it know it was real.

Sara Marie Hogg is the author of Quite Curious, a collection of true stores about the bizarre and unexplained. Please click HERE to find the book on Amazon.

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