The Unexplained: The Mysterious Secrets of a Time Viewing Machine

The Chronovisor is one of twenty mysterious objects being held in the Vatican City Archives, away from public scrutiny.

Father Pellegrino Ernetti saw some amazing things before he left this world in1994.  He saw the Roman senator, Cicero, give a speech in 63 BC.  He was also able to view The Crucifixion of Christ and The Last Supper.

How was this possible?  He viewed them on a TV-like contraption that he named the Chronovisor.  The Chronovisor is one of twenty mysterious artifacts that have been held in the Vatican City Archives for safe-keeping and non-viewing by the curious.

Father Ernetti Pellegrino (1925-1994), a Benedictine monk, claimed to have invented the Chronovisor with the help of a team of 12 anonymous scientists.  Two of the scientists eventually gave up their anonymity and they were:  Enrico Fermi and Wernher Von Braun.

Sara Marie Hogg

The scientists decided to attempt to construct a machine that could view events from the past.  It ended up being a cabinet with antennas, three mysterious alloys, and a cathode ray tube for viewing.  There were dials, levers, and various buttons to fine-tune the events.  The machine could hone in on specific people, too.

The way it worked is that it picked up the electromagnetic radiation remaining from past events.  The audio could actually be retrieved by capturing sound waves of long ago.

In February of 2002,  Father Francois Brune published a book about the Chronovisor:  Le Nouveau Mystere du Vatican.  Francois became good friends with Pellegrino Ernetti when they chanced upon each other while sailing The Grand Canal of Venice.

As their friendship developed, Ernetti confided facts about his creation to Francois.  He related that there was no reason to doubt or argue about events in the Bible if one could actually view them and view what happened.  This is what led him to try to develop the machine in the first place.  Francois was more than intrigued.

It is not known if Francois was ever able to view events on The Chronovisor himself, but he learned enough about the device to write about it in several of his works.  There are some alleged still photos, hazy, that Ernetti took of the events happening on the Chronovisor, and there is a drawn blueprint of the contraption.

Father Pellegrino Ernetti was holder of Chair of Prepoliphony at the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory in Venice. He was also an esteemed musicologist.

Ernetti not only viewed The Last Supper, the Crucifixion, and Cicero on the Chronovisor, he also viewed a number of Ancient Roman and Greek theatrical productions.

Mysterious Objects:  The Chronovisor is one of twenty mysterious objects that are being held in the Vatican City Archives, away from public scrutiny and view.

There is a rumor that Ernetti was so fearful that the Chronovisor would fall into the wrong hands and be used for evil purposes, that he dismantled it first.

Will we ever be able to unlock the mysteries of the Chronovisor and the other nineteen relics in the Vatican’s archives?

The Chronovisor has definitely gotten my attention.  What are the other mysterious wonders cloistered away there?

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