The Unexplained: The Mysterious Island of the Dolls

The mysterious island is filled with grotesque images of dolls hanging from trees. Photo: Feelguide

It’s been known for a long time that If you stand in the right spot on the island of the dolls, you can hear them whispering.

There is an island in the area of Mexico City—farther south.  It is a spot of land in Lake Teshuilo, in the Channel of Flowers, Xochimilco.

The most reliable way to reach the island, should you want to go, is by riding in a goods-carrying boat, a trajinera.  The majority of the boat rowers will take you there for the right amount of dinero.  Others are too frightened and superstitious.  They will not take you there for any amount of money.  If, however, you do find a way to get there, the rowers often throw in some other interesting sights in the area.

There is a reason some of the rowers are frightened and superstitious about the island.    It gives off vibes.  It looks creepy.  The owner of the island died in 2001, but the mysteries of the island did not die.

Sara Marie Hogg

Julian Santana Barerra bought the island for his own in the early 1950s.  He lived there and grew a few crops.  Every now and then he would make a trip to The Barrio on land and try to sell some of his prime vegetables.  That was not all he did there, though.  He began preaching from his Bible.

He was a very religious and superstitious man.  He also loved to partake of his favorite drink, Pulque.  Pulque is a milk-like alcoholic beverage made of the fermented sap of the Maguey plant.  His disruptions in The Barrio became irritating, so he was asked to not linger there anymore.

Julian began to spend more and more time on the island.  One day, he claimed, he had discovered the body of a young girl tangled in the water lilies on the edge of the island.  Her doll was floating nearby.  The superstitious and religious Barerra decided to hang the doll up in a nearby tree as an offering to the poor girl’s soul.  We know nothing more of the girl, no more information.

Occasionally he found another doll floating in the lilies.  He decided to hang those up near the other doll.  But that was not good enough.  He began making trips to get more dolls to calm the dead girl’s soul.  He got them off of trash heaps and out of dumpsters.  If he found a doll, he took it back to the island.

Many of the dolls were in hideous condition.  They were eyeless and limbless.  They were dirty, dented, and stained.  Today the island is covered with these macabre dolls hanging in the branches of its trees.  It is The Island of the Dolls.

Julian Santana Barerra drowned at the same spot where he claimed to have discovered the body of the young girl.  The dolls remain.  They have sort of taken over the island.

If you stand in the right spot, you can hear them whispering.

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