The Unexplained: The Mysterious Hand of Hercules


The giant hand of Hercules was found in a Roman Temple in Amman. Jourdan. Photo: Numi World

Measurements of the hand indicate that the whole statue was at least thirty-nine feet tall, but where is the rest of the statue of Hercules?

In Amman, Jordan, there is a stone sculpture of just a hand, a half-closed fist.  It is a huge hand, appearing almost as large as a Volkswagen.

It is extremely old and quite the mystery.

Who would sculpt such a thing, paying attention to anatomical detail?


What is the significance?

It is almost frightening to behold.  It seems to be just cast down from above in the middle of of an unfinished Roman temple.

A hand?

The unfinished temple in Amman was built during the Roman occupation by Marcus Aurelius.  The year was about 162 A. D.

What happened?

Sara Marie Hogg

The temple was larger than Rome, itself, at the time, and the temple was the centerpiece of the Amman citadel.

The citadel is an L-shaped hill and it is made up of seven smaller hills.  The temple is a significant example of Roman architecture.

This remarkable temple that was being built was known as the Temple of Hercules.

Portions of six huge thirty foot tall columns remain.  They appear to me to be Corinthian columns with detailed acanthus-leaf capitols.

No other columns were ever built.  It is as if the entire project was abandoned.


No one knows.

There is a more recent Byzantine church within a short distance.  Theory has it that some of the marble was removed from the temple site to use in the church.

Models made of the Temple of Hercules are impressive.  You can see the model of a giant stone figure to the rear of the temple.  The statue is of immerse proportions and it is a statue of Hercules.

Most of us know about Hercules.  There have been plenty of movies about him.  The Roman god, Hercules, was modeled after the Greek god, Heracles, who was the son of Jupiter and a mortal, Alcmene.

In the mythological tales of the ancients, Hercules was always showing off his skill and strength which he had had since he was an infant.

He was well-known for his wandering adventures, and his battles with disagreeable and threatening creatures.

He is admired for being a hero who saves the day.  Many cultures have adapted a Hercules-type in their mythologies.

How do archeologists even know there was a huge statue of Hercules at the temple?  Because a few obvious pieces of the statue remain.

There is a giant elbow – and there were three nicely formed fingers on a partial hand.  The way it is positioned there, it creates a sobering sight.

Measurements of the hand indicate that the whole statue was at least thirty-nine feet tall.  Where is the rest of the statue of Hercules?

Over the centuries, many have searched for the rest of the body of the statue.  Nothing has been found anywhere.

Some believe the whole statue came down in an earthquake.  How could pieces of anything that big just disappear?  It is a mystery.

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