The Unexplained: The biggest UFO hot spot in the world

In the late 1980’s members of a fire crew were among the witnesses to see a hovering object that rushed towards startled onlookers before veering off at the last minute. Photo: Traveler’s Way

Some have offered that the triangle is a window to another dimension, perhaps the intersection of an invisible interstellar highway.

There is a place in Scotland where wild, bizarre, and sometimes unrepeatable activities have been going on for quite some time.

Mysterious Falkirk Triangle is formed by drawing an imaginary line from Bonnybridge east, to Fife, a line from Fife, west to Stirling, and back to Bonnybridge again.

Here, there are almost three hundred reports a year of sightings or interactions with UFOs.

Bonnybridge is the undisputed capital of Scotland’s UFO activities.

We must ask.

Why is that?

Bonnybridge is in the lowlands, roughly halfway between Glasglow and Edinburgh.

Sara Marie Hogg

Some have offered that the triangle is a window to another dimension–or that it is the intersection of an invisible interstellar highway.

Most of the reported heavy UFO traffic that has been documented, started in the 1990s.  James Walker was one of the first to go on record as having a chilling event.  He was driving on the imaginary line between Falkirk and Bonnybridge.


A huge, glowing star-like object came down from above and blocked his path.  As James became filled with unbearable anxiety, the object flew away at an incredible speed. James sped off, himself.

Many travelers in cars on the roads that make up the perimeters of the Falkirk Triangle were buzzed by UFOs that made eerie howling sounds.

Scotland is known for its historical golf courses.  Some of them are a part of sentimental Scottish history.  Imagine the shock of the people that witnessed a cigar

Shaped craft landing on a golf course in the Falkirk Triangle.

There have been so many curious and chilling accounts of interactions with UFOs that a committee led by Councillor William Buchanan approached Prime Minister Tony Blair for help.  Buchanan wrote, pleading for an investigation into the surreal events caused by the wave of UFOs.

Three prime ministers have now been contacted about investigating, by Buchanan.

The response from Blair was firm but odd.  There would be no investigations.  There was “no evidence of hostile UFOs.”

I am almost positive this did not sit well with the hundreds of people in the area of the Falkirk Triangle that had been heckled by the otherworldly objects–objects that had been described by these people as silver, triangular, red and spherical, or colorful beams of light.

The idea that UFOs there are just a myth would be rejected by those that live in Bonnybridge. It has been reported that almost everyone in the town has seen at least one.

A family walking together toward Bonnybridge was even surprised by a circle of lights that appeared ahead of them and interfered with their timely passage.

Some are calling the Falkirk Triangle “the biggest UFO hot spot in the world.”

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