The Unexplained: Mystery of the Terror Triangle

Drawings from the school children of Broad Haven School. Photo: BBC News

A hotel owner saw a saucer with colored flames beneath it.  It was outside one of the windows, and there were strange humanoids with pointed heads walking about.

On December 24, 1968, NASA’s Apollo 8 Mission sent back home images of Earth from lunar orbit.  The astronauts read verses from Genesis and wished Earthlings, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”  It was memorable, indeed, to those of us Earthlings who were watching.

Since that monumental occasion, and even before, we Earthlings have kept watching and listening to see if there are other messages from space.

In 1962, the UK’s Ministry of Defence created a UFO desk and it existed until 2009.  It collected evidence, drawings, and photographs concerning 11,000 sightings.  The desk was closed down in 2009 because of lack of funding.  It began releasing information in 2008.  In 2007, the UK’s National Archives at Kew, London also began releasing reams of UFO documents to the public realm.  Sometimes the personal information of witnesses is redacted, but it is an ocean of bizarre material.

A few of the cases are real stand-outs. “The strange events there have still never been satisfactorily explained.”

Sara Marie Hogg

The place that this refers to is in Wales.  The area was later called The Welsh Triangle, The Dyfed Triangle, or The Broad Haven Triangle. The Sun ran a story that it called: The Spaceman Mystery of the Terror Triangle. We marked 2017 as the 40th anniversary of the otherworldly event.

The children at Broad Haven Primary School spotted a UFO in a field opposite the playground They were playing on.  It had landed around lunchtime.  They saw a figure in a silver suit coming out of the craft.  He stood beside it for a moment.  It happened in February of 1977, in Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire.  Fourteen children all spotted the same thing.  The startled headmaster wanted the children to draw what they had seen.  The children were placed far apart so they could not borrow ideas from other children around them.  The drawings were all similar saucer shapes with domes on the top.  They had also seen a tall being in a silver suit.

The class teacher, Mrs. Morgan was curious, investigated, and admitted that she had actually seen a spaceship, too.  She said that when it flew away, a whirlwind of dust went across the playground.

One of the children, David Davies, confided that He was so impacted that the subject of UFOs has dominated his life since then. The time of the sighting was like a wild emotional rollercoaster for the children.

The Broad Haven School event was the first of a year of bizarre UFO events in Wales.

A nearby family, the Coombs family, saw a seven foot tall being in a silver suit and it had on a black visor.  It kept peering in their windows.  Then there were electrical disturbances and mechanical disturbances with a television, automobiles and farm equipment.  One day a neighboring farmer called up to say all of their cows had just wound up in his empty field.  There was no route for them to gain entry on their own–it was like they were transported.

Around the same time, a hotel owner, a Mrs. Rose Granville saw a saucer with colored flames beneath it.  It was outside one of the windows.  There were strange humanoids with pointed heads walking about. They wore white suits. Alarmed, Mrs. Granville ran to get hotel guests to be witnesses.  When they returned, the craft and humanoids were gone.  She remained unsettled– even more so when she discovered the ground where it had been was burned.

Mrs. Rose Granville was so upset that she called the Ministry of Defence and requested an investigation.  They sent RAF officer who admitted he was mystified.

In October of that same year, ten children at Upton Priory School in Macclesfield, England, saw an elliptical object hovering in the trees.  After a few moments,  it vanished.  The children were again asked to draw what they had seen.  Again the drawings were similar.

What would you make of these events? Many of the still-living witnesses remain confounded.  There are too many coincidences.

You can find the children’s marvelous drawings with a few online searches.

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