The Unexplained: Mystery of the Alaska Triangle

If you are captivated by the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, you might be surprised to know the Alaska Triangle is far more deadly.

On October 16, 1972, a twin-engine Cessna 310 disappeared from Alaska air space.  On the plane were Hale Boggs and Nick Begich, an Alaskan.

Thomas Hale Boggs was a U.S. Democratic member of the House of Representatives from New Orleans.  He was also the House Majority Leader and a member of the Warren Commission.  Boggs was going to Alaskan cities with Begich to help him campaign.

In the missing plane were its pilot, Don Jonz, and Begich’s aide, Russell Brown.  They were on their way from Anchorage to Juneau to attend a fundraiser for Begich.

When the plane disappeared off the radar, serious searches began.  Those involved in combing the country included: U.S. Coast Guard, Navy, Army, Air Force, Civil Air Patrol, and as many fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter volunteer pilots they could get.  They covered an area of 32, 000 square miles.

Sara Marie Hogg

After thirty-nine days of intensive scouring, the search was canceled.

Some of us oldsters remember this eerie mystery and some of the thought-provoking headlines that went with it.  Was it a mechanical failure, sabotage, or a bomb?

Thomas Hale Boggs was the father of Cokie Roberts.

No plane, wreckage, or remains of any of the passengers were ever found.  Steps were taken to declare the men dead for legal reasons.

Their disappearance caused Congress to pass a law requiring emergency locator transmitters in civilian aircraft.  There was a controversy over whether the aircraft Boggs was in had one or not.  A couple of witnesses thought they had seen one in a case that had been on board.  Investigators finally ruled that there had not been one.

The high-profile Boggs disappearance is in an area known as the Alaska Triangle.

If you are captivated by the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, you might be surprised to know the Alaska Triangle is far more deadly than its tropical Atlantic mystery rival.

Another high-profile incident is the 1950 disappearance of a military aircraft carrying 44 passengers.  It disappeared soon after take off. in the triangle.  Then there was the 1990 disappearance of a Cessna 340 with four people on board.

All of the disappearances were: Poof! Without a trace.

More than 16,000 people have disappeared from the triangle since 1988.  A map of the Alaska Triangle shows a perimeter formed by roughly straight lines from Barrow in the north, down to Anchorage, then southeast to Juneau, and then back up to Barrow again.

Instead of the terrifying expanses of open water found in the Bermuda Triangle, the Alaska Triangle is made up of mountains, glaciers, crevasses, marauding Kodiak Bears, blizzards, and many other hazards of nature that could cause intruders to disappear.

Surely, over all this time and with many Spring thaws, evidence of some of these vanishings would surface.

Where is that evidence?

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