The Unexplained: Mysteries in the skies over Scotland

The skies above the lovely countryside around Blairgowrie, Scotland, have long been visited by UFOs. Photo: Country Cottages Online

The strange and mysterious object took the shape of a suspended pyramid and floated across the River of Erick. 

There is a village in Perthshire, Scotland that figured in a UFO report way back in the 1700s.  Blairgowrie is a little north of Edinburgh.  If one wanted to go to a beach, the closest route is to Dundee City, 19.73 miles distant, on the Firth of Tay.  It opens into the North Sea.

A letter was printed in The British Magazine of 1767 – a letter that made its way to other publications.

The gist of the letter was that a mysterious unidentified object was seen by witnesses as it floated over the Waters of Ilsa near Cupor Angus.

Ahead of the object wafted a cloud of black smoke.

Sara Marie Hogg

When the cloud thinned, there was a large glowing body.  It seemed to be a floating building, on fire.

It took the shape of a suspended pyramid and rolled over the water until it reached another body of water and floated over the River of Erick.

It picked up speed and began flying along with great haste.

The pyramid disappeared over Blairgowrie.

Shocked witnesses were further astounded to see that the pyramid had picked up behind it a large cart and carried it a great distance.

A nearby man was plucked up off his horse and dropped back down, stunned senseless.  He remained dazed for a long time.

The witnesses observed that in the wake of the pyramid in the sky, half of a house was torn away, and the arch of a new bridge was destroyed in Blairgowrie.

After the mysterious object in the sky destroyed the bridge, it disappeared from sight for good.

The Blairgowrie area is another hotspot in Scotland for unidentified objects in the sky that have appeared –possibly over the centuries.

However, there is a more recent and chilling report.

Sid and Gwen Freeman began having unsettling encounters of an extraterrestrial nature on their property in Blairgowrie.  It started in April of 1984.

A UFO repeatedly hovered over their garden.

These bizarre events were followed by ominous visits from twelve men–dressed in all black.

The area around Blairgowrie is steeped in UFO mysteries.  There have been sightings of balls of light in the sky for years and It is the area of the first reported crop circle in Scotland.

The year was 1990.

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