The Unexplained: Miracle of the Lightning

Edwin Robinson with newspaper article about his being struck by lightning. Photo: Weird Universe

A lightning strike hit the tree – and the lightning struck Edwin Robinson. His eyesight and hearing were suddenly restored.

Maine resident, Edwin Robinson, was in an awful vehicle accident in 1971.  He drove a truck for a living, and this truck was in a horrific rollover.  Edwin was 62 at the time of the accident, and the injuries caused him to lose his sight and his hearing.

Edwin may have been lucky to walk away, but he walked away into a world of dark silence.

An interview surfaced in 2008 that was given by his daughter, Lee Robinson.  I guess you could say what Lee Robinson relayed could be jotted down in The Book of Miracles.

He was interviewed by Bob Gustavson, the pastor at the church Ed attended, Emmaus Luthern Church in Falmouth, Maine.

Sara Marie Hogg

According to Ed’s daughter, Lee, Ed had adopted a chicken that had wandered on to his place.  This would turn out to be a very important chicken.  Ed named his pet Tuck-Tuck, because he had thought that is what chicken clucks sounded like ever since he was young.

A severe thunderstorm came up one day and Ed became worried about Tuck-Tuck.  He could not see that Tuck Tuck was safe in the garage watching him.

On June 9, 1980, Ed went out into the severe storm trying to find his beloved chicken.  He had to crawl around on his hands and knees because of his accident-induced sensory disabilities.

He crawled over near a tree, and at that very moment, a lightning strike hit the tree – and the lightning strike hit Edwin Robinson.

The electrical charge seemed to go right to his hearing aids and knocked them out of his ears.  The little wires connected to them were fried to a crisp.

A dazed Ed Robinson remained on the ground for a spell before he could crawl back to the house.  He looked right at his wife who had come to check on him and said, “I have been struck by lightning.”

She stood there with her mouth hanging open.  He emphasized that he could see her plain as day, could hear her every word, and there was more.  “I can read that plaque on the wall.”  He commenced to read the plaque on the wall and every other plaque he could see.

Lee said her mom, Doris, was still in disbelief.  She thought maybe he knew the plaques by heart.  “Look at that clock over there and tell me what time it is.”

“It’s six minutes after five.”  He then noticed Tuck-Tuck and scooped the good-luck clucker up in his arms.

The eyesight of Ed Robinson was 20/20 once again. His hearing was restored.  Over the next few weeks, his totally bald head started growing hair again.

In a follow-up, four years after the lightning incident, Edwin Robinson related that he still had his hearing and his eyesight.

He will admit the publicity and hounding by newsmen had almost driven the family nuts.

It had taken a lot of hard work, but they had finally found their peaceful, quiet lives again.

I don’t know if there even is a Book of Miracles, but if there isn’t, someone should write one.  It might cheer us up to read it. Hmmmm.

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