The Unexplained: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a UFO

Virginia “Cookie” Stringfellow of Irondequoit says she has had experiences with extraterrestrials spanning over 40 years. Photo by Jacob Walsh, Rochester City Newspaper

Virginia “Cookie” Stringfellow, has more mysterious experiences to tell but she has tried to keep them within her close-knit UFO community.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has resulted in the reporting of more UFO activity.  This was because more people were at home—and watching the sky, while away from the work routine.  There was less light pollution while people sheltered in and businesses shut down.

Otherwise, some of this prime UFO viewing would have been missed entirely.  Sightings doubled in New York from the previous year and rose to 7,200 nationally in the USA.  All of the increased sightings have increased the interest in watching.

One of the most interesting UFO activity events during this time was near Rochester, New York.  The locals-only UFO group has been barraged with requests to be new members of the group.  Several new people a month have reported seeing a mysterious night-sky object and the experience made an unforgettable impression on them.  Some of the people just visiting the area witnessed UFO events and had the need to contact a UFO group.

One of the long-time members, Virginia “Cookie” Stringfellow, has more mysterious experiences to tell but she has tried to keep them within her close-knit UFO community.

Sara Marie Hogg

Stringfellow has admitted that several years ago, extraterrestrials took her from her suburban Rochester yard.  She relays that she was first taken up over 40 years ago, and has been taken up many times since.  It happens when she is sleeping.  You then come awake, but cannot move.

She has been contacted by several types of extraterrestrials, including Reptilians and Nordics.  These are descriptions of the appearances of the aliens as known by those who study the subject.

Stringfellow confides that the aliens have always been here:  “They have been here for millennia – long before us.” Stringfellow is not fearful and was in agreement to being taken.  She is not put off by skeptics. What they dismiss as far-fetched is her reality.  She feels skeptics have not done the same amount of research.  Information is available all over YouTube for those willing to take advantage of it.

Virginia Stringfellow and others often have virtual meetings of their UFO group.  Two of their members have been featured in The New York Times in reference to the recent marked spike in UFO activity.  Stringfellow and retired police detective, Chris DePerno from Syracuse.

The Rochester meet-up group meets at least monthly to discuss what aliens look like.  They often have speakers that give presentations.  People who belong to the group come from everywhere.  They run the gamut from union organizers to engineers, with nuclear consultants in between.

Virginia, a former accountant, started up the group without telling any outsiders the real purpose of the group, or its subject matter.  She did not want to invite ridicule from outsiders when they met in the Town Hall building.  Several groups held meetings in the same facility.

By now most in the building know about the UFO group.  The federal government’s declassification of some of the files on unidentified aerial phenomena perhaps makes interest in the subject less controversial.

Virginia Stringfellow is not particularly fond of a photograph of herself looking upward on the shores of Lake Ontario.  The photographer told her to look up, staging the photograph for drama.  She was disappointed in the result.

Stringfellow lives outside Rochester in a ranch house.  She has collected alien images and figurines over the years and has them on display throughout her house.

I would love to have a long talk with Virginia “Cookie” Stringfellow.  I am waiting for her to reveal more.

Sara Marie Hogg is the author of Curious, Indeed, a collection of true stories about the strange and unexplained. Please click HERE to find the book on Amazon.

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