The Unexplained: Does Bigfoot Exist?

The Patterson-Gimlin Film of Bigfoot has not been authenticated in all this time, but more importantly, it has not been debunked. 

I have noticed a few news alerts and articles  lately about re-examining the Patterson-Gimlin Film.  There is no new information.  It has just been a long time since it was made, 1967, and many wonder why the film has not been proven to be a hoax in all this time.

Many seem to think it is time for a re-examination.

I think most of us have come to the conclusion that the creature in the famous Bigfoot film is fake.

A man even came forward. and said he had worn an ape suit for the film.  He took a lie detector test and passed.

Roger Patterson went to his grave insisting that his film was real, that the creature is real. I wonder why someone did not think to ask the man who swore he wore the ape suit to recreate the event.  That way they could see how much he could make himself look like the star of the movie.  I doubt if he could do it, or he would have – to prove his point.

Sara Marie Hogg

Roger Patterson (d. 1972) and Bob Gimlin are two former rodeo men who knew each other in Yakima County, Washington.  They shot the 8mm movie near the banks of Red Bluff Creek in Northern California – not far from the Oregon Border.

Roger Patterson had made it a goal to get footage of the rumored, but illusive, bipedal animal.

That is the very reason they went to Red Bluff Creek that day.

The Patterson-Gimlin Film has not been authenticated in all this time, but more importantly, it has not been debunked.  It has not been debunked by hundreds of scientific eyes looking at it.

Investigators have compared the creature in the movie to a man in an ape suit.  Experts point out that it is easy to see the difference.  The people on ape suits look “like Pillsbury Dough Boys.”  (Jeffrey Muldrum, an anthropologist who studies Bigfoot)

They look like blobs with hair. The creature in the Patterson movie has visible muscles that flex and move.

We can easily see that the creature is female, with her pendulous, swinging, bosom.  Her muscles can be seen rippling under her fur as she walks along.  She has been given the name, Patty.

The film that gave us Bigfoot is still mysterious over fifty-five years later.  Frame 352 is the iconic image of Sasquatch.  After fifty years of costume evolution and film technology, no one has been able to debunk the film.

The bigfoot appears for less than one minute.

To true believers, the Patterson-Gimlin film is proof positive that Bigfoot exists.

Cliff Barackman of Sandy, Oregon has a garage full of plaster casts of Bigfoot footprints and handprints.  They are from all over, and very similar.  The plaster casts from all over the world reveal the pressure ridges of the feet to be universal in character.  Barackman is the host of Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet.

There has been plenty of time since 1967, when Patterson’s mesmerising and convincing film was made, for researchers to go into the Red Bluff Creek area and set up surveillance cameras and night vision cameras.  They could even use some bait–foodstuffs.  There has been plenty of time for a line of researchers to make a sweep of the land, looking for skeletal remains, habitats, and artifacts.


Has any Bigfoot fur been found and analyzed for DNA?

In 1970, the FBI took some fur for analysis.  They neglected to report the results and actually misplaced them.  They made a report several decades later with prompting.  It was deer fur.

In May of 2012, The Museum of Geology, Lausanne, and the University of Oxford filed a report.  The thirty-seven samples they analyzed could be attributed to bears – several kinds – raccoons, and deer, all known mammals living within their range.  Some of the fur samples were new, and some fifty years old.

A veterinarian, Dr. M. Ketchum, declares the species is real, and related to humans – a type of people who doesn’t want to be found.

An anthropologist, Kathy S., says that Bigfoot is real, but that current photos of the creature are all hoaxes.

Someone, please clue us in on the existence of Bigfoot.  It shouldn’t be that hard to find a skull or a thigh bone.

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