The Unexplained: Did the Flatwoods Monster come from space?



The town of Flatwoods has huge wooden chairs to accommodate the legendary monster. Photo:

Newspapers picked up the story and UFO experts of the day arrived.  They declared it was possible evidence of a saucer landing.

If you should find yourself, someday, in Sutton, West Virginia, rambling about in this Braxton County county seat, you might look up and realize you are in front of the city hall.  You would also see a big wooden chair with a mysterious and colorful creature painted on it.  Is this the actual county seat?  Would you like to sit on it?

There are five of these giant chairs, and also a museum commemorating an odd event that happened in nearby Flatwoods.

When you walk into The town of Flatwoods you must pass a welcome sign.  Beneath the welcome sign, you may not notice that it says, “Home if the Green Monster.”  There is a connection.  The creature painted on the chairs is the Green Monster.

The Flatwoods Monster?

What is it?

Sara Marie Hogg

It is a bizarre entity spotted in the town of Flatwoods in 1952.  The entity appeared not long after several citizens saw a foreign light that crossed the night sky above the area.

The mystery all started when two shook-up boys ran to their home where they spurted out a wild tale to Kathleen May.  The two May boys had run to the property of farmer G. Bailey Fisher where they had observed a bright light landing on the ground. They had their friend, Tommy, with them.

May gathered up the boys and formed an impromptu search party that also included two more boys and a West Virginia National Guardsman, Eugene Lemon.  Lemon had the foresight to bring a flashlight.  When they got to the right area of the farm, they saw pulsating light.  Lemon waved his flashlight all around it.

The group was amazed to see an unearthly creature.  The description was that of a red-faced entity, one with a pointed head.

More detailed descriptions and artists’ drawings are of a figure ten feet tall with a blood-red face, a pointed hood-like head, and around the head were eye-shaped lights.  The body was dark green.  The bottom half was like a skirt of folded fabric.  It had little claw-like hands.  They all agreed that the head was shaped like the ace of spades.

When Lemon made out the details of the creature in the strong beam of the flashlight, he hollered and dropped the torch.  They all ran away.

When they recovered from the scary event, they remembered being enveloped in a pungent mist that left them nauseated.  Furthermore, when others went to investigate, they found a gummy residue in the area where the creature had been.  There were skid marks nearby.

Newspapers picked up the story and UFO experts of the day arrived.  They declared it was possible evidence of a saucer landing.

The story went nationwide and more reporters soon arrived.  A Brooklyn minister traveled down to interview the May family.  Important Sci-Fi writers Gray Barker and Ivan T. Sanderson arrived on the scene.

West Virginia may be another of those hot spots.

You may recall when I wrote about Woodrow Derenburger of Mineral Wells, West Virginia, who was contacted by Indrid Cold from the planet Lanunos as he traveled on the road from Mineral Wells to Marietta, Ohio in 1966.

Others from West Virginia reported seeing a humanoid creature with wings in 1966-67 near Point Pleasant close to the TNT Area.  The creature became well known as The Mothman and many believe the deadly collapse of the Silver Bridge is connected to sightings of the mysterious Mothman.

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