The Unexplained: Can you be in two places at the same time?

Padre Pio. Photograph: Columba Books

The most reliable reports of bilocation have been experienced by catholic priests and saints. The Catholic Church has documented the events, making them more reliable.

Sometimes investigating unsolved mysteries leads one on a confusing, convoluted journey.  All I can say is:  wait for it.  You won’t be disappointed.

I have been interested lately in bilocation—the ability to be in two places at once.  I began searching for cases.  My quest starts out slowly and is frustrating.  If you search a little, you will probably come across the same four tantalizing cases.  Read below.

Number One:  A Flora Conway of northeast London looked out her window one day and saw her own self hanging wet laundry on a clothesline in the short distance.  She stared and stared.  She felt her knees begin to weaken.  There could be no doubt. It was she.

Number Two:  In 1946, a returned serviceman, Gordon Barrows, pulled his car over to give a man a lift.  Gordon was very tired, but he was not too tired to notice that the man he was giving a lift to was identical to himself, right down to the same attire.  The other person offered to drive, as he could tell Gordon was tired and Gordon agreed.  At some point, the man pulled over, got out, and walked away.

Number Three:  A John Chalmers walked past a woman he knew, Mrs. Wallace.  He tried to greet her, on the sidewalk.  He made several attempts.  She ignored him, then disappeared into thin air, right before his eyes.  A time later, he saw Mrs. Wallace again and she admonished him for ignoring her on the street on the previous occasion.  He said he had tried to get her attention, but she vanished.  She smiled and admitted that she had tried to get his attention, on the same occasion, and that he, too, and vanished right before her eyes.

Number Four:  In another strange incident, Thomas Leftridge and his wife happened to be thrown together with another couple at an event.  Later, after the other couple left,   Mrs. Leftridge commented on the other lady’s attire in great detail.  She went on at length about her ensemble and her great shock of white hair.  Thomas stared at his wife in disbelief..  The husband distinctly remembered another outfit on the woman, even a different color, and her hair was barely turning gray.  Neither Leftridge would alter their description of the woman.  Thomas decided that they must have experienced some kind of time warp—the same woman at two different stages of her life, for instance.

Sara Marie Hogg

As tantalizing as these cases are, they are vague and there is not enough information.  They were also not officially documented.  Even though several different people have reported the same incidents, they seem to be a type of hearsay.  They are sort of like the legendary disappearance of Oliver Larch.  The stories have been told as true for decades, but there are no documents to back them up.

The most reliable reports of bilocation seem to be those experienced by catholic priests and saints.  In these cases, the Catholic Church has documented the events, making them more reliable, and some of the bilocations have hordes of witnesses.

The most famous of these bilocators is Padre Pio.  Padre Pio is a catholic saint that had two outstanding incidents of bilocation.

A Father Alberto reported that in 1917, he saw Padre Pio standing at a window and gazing at a mountain.  He seemed to be chanting at himself.  Father Alberto approached him to kiss his hand.  As he got closer he realized that Padre Pio was not chanting, but giving absolution to some unseen person.

At that point, Padre Pio realized Father Alberto was there and acknowledged his presence.  He seemed to be coming out of a daydream. A few days later, a telegram arrived at Father Alberto’s convent.  It was a message of thanks for allowing Padre Pio to travel to Turin to give absolution to a dying man there.

The man had been dying at the same time that Father Alberto came upon Padre Pio giving absolution in front of the window.

On another occasion, Padre Pio appeared in the sky in front of bomber pilots.  During WWII, in the air over San Giovani Rotondo, Americans were preparing to bomb Nazis there who had occupied the area.  Every time they tried to release the load, a friar appeared in the airspace in front of the aircraft.  The bombing attempts failed.  Later, when an American pilot saw the little friar in the friary, he realized who he had seen in the air.

Padre Pio was born in 1887 in Pietrelcina, Italy.  He was an Italian Franciscan Capuchin friar, priest, stigmatist, and mystic who was granted sainthood.

Here is the odd reason I am relating the story of Padre Pio.  It is eerie indeed, and quite a coincidence.

There was a priest, Fr. Domenico de Cese who resided most of his years at a shrine in Manopello, Italy.  The shrine is known for having an image of the face of Jesus—it is a miraculous image.  The priest had occasion to be with Padre Pio many times over the years for matters dealing with the church.  They were on good terms, friends.

Sadly, when Padre Pio died in 1968, Domenico broke the news to Fr. Enrico Carusi that he would not be able to attend the funeral or funeral procession of Padre Pio.  There was a conflict.  Domenico had a commitment to lead some pilgrims as they visited the shrine in Manopello.  The pilgrims confirmed that Domenico was there at the shrine helping them.  Many of the pilgrims came forth and verified his presence.

There is this:  If you look at the funeral procession of Padre Pio, there is Fr. Domenico in the procession, on the left-hand side of the parade.  He appears at 01-.04 in the video of the film of the event.  Look for his striking white beard.  How could this be?  He was clearly back at the shrine at that time, leading the pilgrims to the shrine all about.  There is no mistake.

In addition to this bizarre happening, Fr. Domenico was known to have several other documented bilocation experiences.

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