The Unexplained: Assault by a UFO

Dechmont UFO Circular Walk. is a 3.4-mile (8,000-step) route located near Dechmont, Livingston, Scotland. Photo: Pacer

The Decky Hill Event is one of the few incidents on official record in which a UFO is recorded as the perpetrator of an assault.

Scotland is famous for The Loch Ness Monster, Nessie, and other strange phenomena.  It may surprise you to know that Scotland is the location of five important, and creepy, UFO incidents.  One of them is the Decky Hill Event.

A reason the Decky Hill Event has interest to me is because a few of my ancestors came from that area if Scotland–The Borders.

This event was in Livingston, West Lothian near Dechmont Hill, or Decky Hill.  The year was 1979.

Sara Marie Hogg

Robert Taylor, a forestry worker, a very respectable man, spied something odd one night.  His forestry work allowed him to know the area very well–and he knew if something was amiss–something was.

He came across a craft hovering over the forest.  It was huge, with a rounded dome, and sharp appendages sticking out all around the bottom.  Later measurements revealed that it had been 530 yards from his truck.

As Taylor stood next to his truck, two spheres came out of the huge, hovering object.  The balls were three feet in diameter and had spikes.  Taylor felt a hard tap as the spheres floated near, and he was overcome by a suffocating odor.

Taylor then blacked out.  He made it home later, battered and bruised.  He contacted the police who recorded that he was a victim of assault.

This is one of the few incidents on official record in which a UFO is recorded as the perpetrator of an assault.

Robert Taylor tried to recreate the chilling events when he had his wits about him.  He was walking with his dog when the smaller spheres grabbed him and took him inside the large dome.  He then passed out when he was overcome by the odor that smelled like burning brakes.

He came to twenty minutes later, all banged up, and he had to walk to his house, as his truck would no longer start.  He was examined by police and a doctor.  The site of the incident had strange ladder-like and circular impressions in the ground.

Taylor was well thought of in his community, so he was listened to.  He died in 2007, but a memorial trail was made in the area of the UFO event. An informational plaque was erected at the site.

Those that wish to walk a trail that encompasses the UFO landmarks Robert Taylor spoke of, may do so.  No telling what might happen.

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