The Unexplained: Are the Space Aliens really among us?

Is the truth really out there? And has it come home to earth? Some experts think space aliens now live among us. Photo credit: Shortpedia.

“Extraterrestrials exist and have been in contact with earthlings for a long time, and they have been among us.” 

General Haim (or Chaim) Eshed is Israel’s former space chief.  He held the post for 30 years, 1981-2010.  Haim was born in 1933 and is the former Israeli Space Security Chief and director of Space programs for the Israel Ministry of Defense.  Haim was responsible for the development of the spy satellite, Ofek-7, and proposed independent satellites to collect data from the Sainai during sensitive times.

He holds a spot on the Wall of Honor at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum: He is  Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, a member of the American Institute of  Aeronautics and Astronautics, and is co-founder of the Israel Space Agency and Space Research institute in the TECHNION-Israel Institute of Technology.

Haim has reported recently, “I have received my degrees and awards.  I am respected in universities, abroad, and the trend is…changing.”

Sara Marie Hogg

Therefore, he felt comfortable about revealing a truth that he would not have revealed five years ago.  “I would have been hospitalized,” he confided.  “They would have said, ‘the man has lost his mind.’  Today they are talking differently and I have nothing to lose.”

What is the truth that Haim wants to reveal?  It is this:  that extraterrestrials exist and have been in contact with earthlings for a long time.  They have been among us.  They have asked that no announcement be made about their presence because humanity is not ready yet.

Haim has told reporters of the Jewish Press that it is a matter of interplanetary diplomacy.  There is an actual Galactic Federation and the aliens have come in peace.

They have signed agreements to do experiments on earth, and have asked for our help in establishing an underground base on Mars.  It has actually been under construction, for a time.  They have been keeping the extent of it mum until humanity can handle the realities.

Haim says many of his peers are reaching the point where they are more than receptive to this information.

In a People Magazine article in January of 2020, former female British Astronaut, Helen Sharman has hinted at similar information.  She even said that aliens may not even look like you or me and may already be on earth.    They may be here now and we cannot see them.  There is no doubt, many forms of life out there.

Helen Sharman was born in 1963 and is a chemist who became the first British astronaut (cosmonaut) to visit MIR Space station in 1991.  She got a BSc degree in chemistry at the University of Sheffield and a Ph.D. at Birkbeck University of London.  For a time, she was a chemist for Mars Candy, developing and refining flavors.

After she became an astronaut, she got the nickname, Girl From Mars, from the UK Press.

When applicants were called for Project Juno, on a radio ad, she beat out 13,000 other applicants in 1989 to be a space pioneer for a British and Soviet Union collaboration.  She spent eighteen months in flight training and she has received many awards in the British Empire for chemistry, science, and technology.

Will these two prominent scientists be forgotten in 30 years or will they be recognized as pioneers in releasing the realities to the general public?

The TRUTH is out there…

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