The Unexplained: Did the brothers become military experiments?

The USS. Eldridge was the ship at the center of the Philadelphia Experiment.

At some point, the brothers learned they had landed, not in ocean water, but in the year 2137.

Most of us have heard of The Philadelphia Experiment and the USS Eldridge, the ship involved.  Many of us were signing up for our first Cable TV services when the movie, The Philadelphia Experiment appeared on one of the premium movie channels.  The alleged experiment may have slipped by me if not for the movie teasers, and their mesmerizing, glowing, green effects.  I had the cable opportunity to view it six times or more.

Did it actually happen?  Is it simply legend and folklore?  I admit it was a tantalizing subject matter.  Could a huge ship disappear from view, for a few moments, appear elsewhere, then, appear back at the original location—kind of in a puff of smoke?  Many are convinced that the US and other governments were working on just such projects: vanishings—vanishings to aid troop movement and fool the enemy in war maneuvers, or even during cold war activities.

There is a side story to The Philadelphia Experiment that not many are aware of and it is almost as fascinating.  Two brothers had signed on to military service and were placed at a site of many classified experiments.  After four years, the brothers were then placed on the USS Eldridge for another assignment.

The Eldridge was docked at The Philadelphia Navy Yard when it was one day enveloped in an electric green fog.  People looking at the ship saw it one minute, and it was gone the next.  The men who later claimed to be on board the Eldridge related feelings of nausea, dizziness, disorientation, and semi-paralysis.  They did not get better but continued to get worse. 

The two brothers could not tolerate the odd feelings and decided to jump overboard, together.  They did not die instantly, nor were they rescued from the water.  They simply disappeared.  They woke up in a hospital.  It was not like any hospital they had ever seen.  There was no medical personnel.  The treatments were done by a bank of TV-like screens.  At some point, they learned that they had landed, not in ocean water, but in the year 2137.

Al Bielek claimed to be a survivor of the mysterious disappearance of the USS Eldridge.

All of this was revealed when one of the brothers, Al Bielek, went to see The Philadelphia Experiment in 1988, with his family.  He felt very odd.  The movie seemed to bring back lost memories.  In one of the memories, a test was being conducted on the ship, the USS Eldridge, with a device that would make it disappear from sight and radar. 

It would be the greatest of all war strategies ever developed.  On October 28, 1943, the device was activated in Philadelphia Naval Yard.  The green glow covered the ship.  Sailors got sick – some disappeared.  Unusual accidents happened on board.  One sailor was fused to metal.

After viewing this movie, Bielek began having flashbacks.  He was so upset that he sought out professional help for memory retrieval. In his flashback memories, he learned that he was not Al Bielek, after all.  He was Edward Cameron and he was born in 1916, not 1927.  He had been given to the Bielek family by the US government to raise as their own. 

By way of flashback, Ed saw his brother Duncan Cameron and watched as they joined the US Navy in 1939.  Big scientists, including Tesla, were helping the navy develop vanishing devices for ships, crews, and troops.  One of the devices was named a “time zero generator.”

When Ed and his brother jumped overboard, everything went black and that is when they woke up in the hospital of 2137.  Their hospital stay lasted a month or more.  Because of their many questions, the Cameron brothers learned many disturbing answers.  Between the WWII they were in and the year 2137, many changes had occurred on the earth. 

Water had risen up over the land and changed the outline of the USA.  The more questions the Cameron brothers asked, the more shocked they became.  The west coast and the southeast were now underwater.  Florida had disappeared, except for the panhandle.

Some pieces were still missing, but a second time-travel event put Ed Cameron in the year 2749.  The technology was so unfamiliar that he knew he had gone even further into the future.  He was again in a hospital-type situation being treated by light and vibrations.  

On television-type screens, images were playing.  The programs were only about news, history, or geography.  There was no entertainment.  He remembered that he served as a tour guide during his two year period in the 28th Century. 

There were no longer any governments in any country.  The world was controlled by a huge crystal-like computer.  It communicated with humans by telepathy.  Horrible wars had depleted the population of the world.  Russia had waged a war with China and the US had waged wars with European countries.  

What had once been 7.7 billion people worldwide had depleted to 300 million.  The US was under military rule and money was not used anymore.  There was instead a type of credit-bartering system in a socialistic society.

Humans had become masters of technology and they had also perfected anti-gravity.  Because of this, people lived in floating cities above the ground.  Some of the lower classes and the poor still lived on the ground.  Sadly, artificial intelligence had mostly taken over human thinking.

The two brothers were sent to the year 1983 where they were cautioned and debriefed about their top-secret often accidental experiences.  Soon the government decided that it could not trust Ed Cameron to remain silent so they tried a radical solution.  They regressed him to the point of birth and given to the Bielks.  Edward Cameron, born 1927, became Al Bielek, born 1916.  His brother, Duncan, did not survive a similar regression attempt.

 The government did not know that Bielek would be able to retrieve some of his memories.  Unfortunately for them, his vestigial memories could not be erased.  Al Bielek/Edward Cameron became a popular speaker at paranormal-themed meetings and conventions.

The U.S. government will not acknowledge that there was ever a cloaking experiment conducted on the U.S. Navy destroyer escort, USS Eldridge.   The event is mentioned on Navy History and Heritage Command site on:  Information Sheet for the Office of Naval Research, and it explains that no documents concerning this alleged event were ever located. 

The story says that the USS Eldridge was allegedly transported from the Philadelphia Naval Yard to Norfolk, Virginia, and back for a few instants.  The same research site disavows that the USS Eldridge was ever docked at Philadelphia Naval Yard.  I wish we could know the whole story of both The Philadelphia Experiment and the story of Al Bielek.


Sara Marie Hogg is the author of The Scavenger’s Song. Please click HERE to find the book on Amazon.

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