The Tourist Killer, by F.C. Etier, a review by @stephenwoodfin


F.C. Etier’s debut novel, The Tourist Killer, is a chilling tale of compartmentalized lives in search of death and redemption.

Etier is known to Caleb and Linda Pirtle visitors first as a consummate photographer.  In The Tourist Killer, he has used his photographer’s eye to portray both the seen and unseen worlds, the panorama of his characters’ world and the hidden places of their hearts.

Claudia Barry is an assassin nearing the end of her career, who has reached the point in her life where she questions the livelihood she has crafted with such precision.  Her private life of thirty years has allowed her few human interactions beyond casual acquaintance.

Except for two men.

One is a mystery mentor who pops in and out of her life when she least expects, the other a comrade in her profession who gets under her skin.

As the story charges forward, the reader begins to suspect that both of these significant others will play a role in Claudia’s denouement.

F.C. Etier

How they will do so is the question.

Throw in a conspiracy about the moneyed forces that control the world from behind a wizard’s curtain and the game is on.

We know it will be deadly.  We just don’t know who will end up in the cross hairs.

Etier’s book is in a way a parable of social consciousness in which persons least likely to take the high moral ground flirt with the deeper issues that define us.

Can a leopard change her spots?  Is money the highest value?

The Tourist Killer is a great first book.  Etier has promised us that the series will continue.  I look forward to future installments.

(Stephen Woodfin is an attorney and author of legal thrillers.  Click here to purchase a copy of The Tourist Killer in the Kindle store.)

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