The Storytellers: It’s a Mystery to Me

Life itself is a mystery. We never know from one moment to the next what will happen next. These mysteries prey on you mind.

The world is filled with mysteries.

Some simple.

Some confounding.

Some are deadly.

What’s a good mystery.

Read these books by Richard Shwindt, CP Daly, and Marjorie Doering, and you’ll find out.

They prey on your mind.

They prey on your fears.

They make you leave the lights on at night.

Good mysteries are the ones that linger.

They seem real.

Are they real?

It’s time to find out.

A Killing in Samana

It’s all rum, sun, and fun until somebody gets murdered.

Two couples in late middle age take an all-inclusive vacation in the Dominican Republic. What could be more ordinary than that? Not much, unless the group includes social workers, Chris Allard and Tony Price.

An idyllic getaway is soon disrupted by the unexpected death of an old acquaintance. The Dominican National Police dismiss it as an accident but Chris won’t let go.

Chris and Tony, aided by their long suffering wives, investigate a malignant evil that hides in plain sight. And it doesn’t take long before they find themselves at grave risk. Help is coming from some unexpected places but will it be in time?

A Killing in Samana is a story of deception, ghosts, and large glasses of rum; bringing together a familiar cast of characters in a dark and funny murder mystery.

Dead Days Ahead

Kelsey Woods loves her life with Luke in Texas. She has everything she’s ever dreamed of, until photos of her as a prostitute in New York City start popping up on her computer screen.

Who is sending them?

What do they want?

How could she have been so naive to think she could hide from her past?

Her picture-perfect life is spiraling out of control, but she’s not about to let someone reveal her secrets without a fight.

One Way Out

A chance encounter.

A deadly game of cat-and-mous.

Detective Ray Schiller’s relaxing three-day getaway turns into a desperate struggle for survival.

While his family faces an unexpected crisis at home, for Ray and his friends, the situation at their secluded campsite makes them the prey in a deadly chase through the surrounding untamed, backwoods terrain.

The odds are stacked against their escaping the deadly, misfit couple and getting out alive.

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