The Reviewers Speak: Scrabbled Secrets by Linda Pirtle

Review: “While the story is filled with intrigue, danger, and notoriously evil men, Lillian manages to wind her way through the maze of adventure with the help of her dog Eli.”

Lillian Prestridge and Sammie Nightingale travel in a motorhome to Canada to rescue Sammie’s Aunt Sophia and bring her home.

Lillian soon learns that a well-intentioned mission of mercy can become a dangerous escapade.

Whom can they trust?

The semi-truck driver who gives advice about where to spend the night?

The lead councilman of a Canadian Indian Reserve whose agents are assigned to drive them home via the Native-American Underground Railroad?

Who else is familiar with the route?

Their journey presents one hazard after another – vandalism to Lillian’s new motorhome, kidnapping, gunshots, wrestling with an old enemy of Sophia, not to mention a blinding blizzard and icy highways.

Review by Eve:

Linda Pirtle’s fourth book does not disappoint.

Still mourning the loss of her husband, head-strong Lillian Prestidge can’t resist aiding her friend, Sammie, whose long-time friend has disappeared.

After purchasing a new motor home, Lillian picks up Sammie at a Dallas airport and their adventure begins. Unbeknownst to Lillian, her two sons place a nanny cam in her RV, so they can check up on their mother.

As a great mystery unwinds, there are many twists and turns as the two women make their road trip to Canada.

This is a bit more than a cozy mystery. While it is filled with intrigue, danger, and notoriously evil men, Lillian manages to wind her way through the maze of adventure with the help of her dog Eli, who saves her from many precarious situations.

A bit of history about the American Indians and an underground railroad in Canada is an added bonus to this story. I assure you Mrs. Pirtle’s Scrabble Secrets will keep you reading, and sometimes laughing, into the night.

Review by RoxB:

Linda Pirtle paints exquisitely with words.

This cozy mystery has Lillian assisting Sammie Nightingale in locating her missing Aunt Sophia. Lillian is not fond of Sofia, the charlatan tarot card reader.

Though this is book 4 in the series and my first-time reading Author Linda Pirtle, I felt comfortable that I wasn’t jumping into the middle.

My favorite character is Eli, the standard poodle who supports Lillian and travels along on the wild ride to Canada. Eli’s animation, insight, and playful nature are woven throughout the story. I wanted to pat Eli and provide a treat for being a loyal friend.

All the characters are well-developed throughout the book. Sammie’s Uncle Darling is introduced as the sort of man one might adore or totally distrust, depending upon the interaction one has.

Darling seems to have more than a few secrets and a sense of humor that is revealed early on in a conversation with Sammie.

“Yep, that happened in the hospital. I thought I would die from trying to eat what they called nutritional food.” He laughed. “One night, they brought me a grilled chicken breast. I looked at that scrawny little tyke and told them I felt so sorry for that little hen I couldn’t eat her. Looked like she had been mightily starved before they wrung her neck.”

“I take it they didn’t let you order a T-bone, cooked rare.”

“Nope. The next day for lunch, they brought another chicken – at least I thought it was – hard to tell beneath all those peas and carrots in some kind of sauce.”

“How did it taste?”

“Don’t know. Didn’t eat it. Let them know right off that I’m not a rabbit. Never ate carrots in my life much less those tiny green pebbles.”

The story has all the elements needed to keep readers engaged and, at times, on the edge of their seats. Sammie and Lillian race to Canada as the danger and mystery amp up. Lillian pursues the challenging trail with Eli helping avert her from peril. Fortunately, Lillian’s sons, Jake and Grant, plant webcams in the RV to keep eyes on their determined, curious mother.

Whether or not they find Sophia, outwit the bad guys, safely negotiate Canada, and get support from the Anishinabe tribe, is why you must read the story. This well-written cozy mystery will grab you and hold you until you reach the surprising ending. I know this is great for ladies who love mysteries, but the story could resonate with men who like intriguing mysteries. Brilliant story!

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