The Promiscuity Defense



Ever since the title, The Promiscuity Defense, came to me years ago, it has intrigued me.

You see, Texas law for many years has had a “promiscuity defense.”   It is a throw-back to the days when men were able to avoid responsibility for preying on young girls.  In essence, it shifts the blame for sexual assault to the woman if the man can provide legal proof that prior to the assault the woman was “promiscuous.” It legalizes the term jailbait, making it a defense to the dalliances of a sexual predator.

So, when I first began to write short stories, I found myself working on “The Promiscuity Defense,” the story of a teacher-on-student sexual assault case.

The story first saw the light of day when the Northeast Texas Writers Organization (NETWO) included it in its anthology, A TREASURE BOX.


Then, I began to read blogs from other writers about how they had taken their short stories that were gathering dust and decided to breathe new life into them through the wonders of Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

It was a game plan that made sense to me, confused and bewildered as I am about the new digital universe.

So, I searched my short story library.  What I found was a personal history bound up in a series of writing snapshots, a collection of snippets some old, some new.  And I also discovered in these stories the first rumblings of characters and situations that continue to fascinate me.  Four stories about a WWII vet with Alzheimer’s disease, one about how a horse solved the riddle of a girl’s long-lost father, another about how D-Day played a role in leading a man to death row, one micro-story about how a golfer told the love of his life about the shot of his life.

One of these stories appeared in THE 8th ANNUAL WRITER’S DIGEST SHORT SHORT STORY COLLECTION. It was one of twenty-five stories selected out of more than seven thousand submissions.

That and about six dollars will buy you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Anyway, so I decided I would bundle this little collection and put it out into the cold, cruel world.

So, I would now announce THE PROMISCUITY DEFENSE AND OTHER SHORT STORIES, available on the Kindle store.  And as I way of getting the word out, I have made it FREE today and tomorrow (July 16 and 17).  If you get a chance, drop by and take a look.

As a bonus to anyone who acquires the collection, I have also included a link in the book where readers can download a free audio file of the title story, narrated by yours truly.

Click on the title for your copy of THE PROMISCUITY DEFENSE AND OTHER SHORT STORIES.

Thanks a lot.  Happy writing to all.


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