The Mystery Writers: Into the Unknown

In a great mystery novel, there’s a crime. There’s a victim. Who did it? Time is the sleuth’s greatest enemy. And the chase begins.

We are attracted to mysteries like moths to a flame.


I think we all have a fascination for the great unknown.

A crime occurs.

Maybe murder.

Probably murder.

And we wonder.

Who’s the victim?

Who’s the killer?

Why did someone have to die?

Will the killer be caught.

Who’s chasing him.

Or her.

For Mary Ann Edwards, it’s usually a small Southern town Police, Chief Charlie McClung.

James R. Callan has his faithful Father Frank, a small town Catholic priest.

And P.J. Mann provides a tour of Rome with the stubborn Commissario Scala, a detective.

They are faced with their greatest obstacle.

They are faced with a the great unknown.

There’s a crime.

There’s a victim.

Who did it?

Time is their greatest enemy.

And the chase begins.

As long as the chase is being orchestrated by Mary Ann Edwards, James R. Callan, and P.J. Mann, you know the chase will be a memorable one.

How Deep Is the Darkness by Mary Ann Edwards

Menacing bullies.

A vengeful killer.

When someone’s had enough, the solution is murder.

Lyman County, Georgia, 1983. Police Chief Charlie McClung struggles to preserve his wife’s fragile state of mind after a devastating miscarriage. But when one of the area’s most hated men is found drowned, the experienced detective is forced to focus on his job. And when the victim turns out to be his spouse’s nemesis, McClung’s heart sinks when he learns she was the first person at the scene of the crime.

Worse still, the town’s BB gun-toting, elderly bully is murdered the next day, and McClung knows just about everyone has a motive. Grappling with a community full of suspects, a serial killer with a grudge, and a wife who’s unraveling, he races to catch the culprit before another victim falls.

With time running out, can McClung hold it together and prevent the body count from rising?

How Deep is the Darkness is the chilling sixth book in The Charlie McClung Mysteries series. If you like dry humor, traditional whodunits, and pressure-cooker conflicts, then you’ll love Mary Anne Edwards’ enthralling tale.

A Plot for Murder by James R. Callan

Rod Granet, award-winning novelist and womanizer, is the main speaker at a writers conference. But after the opening session and in front of a crowd, Maggie DeLuca, Father Frank’s sister, accuses Granet of stealing her story and says he will pay for it.

That night, Granet is killed.

The sheriff quickly zeros in on Maggie and she is hauled off in handcuffs. When Father Frank comes to her aid, the sheriff threatens him with jail if he interferes.

A Texas Ranger is assigned to the investigation. Soon he sees Father Frank as a valuable asset.

Even as the sheriff continues to threaten Father Frank and interrogate Maggie, the Ranger pushes Father Frank to get involved, telling him the sheriff considers Maggie his only suspect.

Can Father Frank stay out of jail and alive, long enough to find the real killer?

You Don’t Know Me by P.J. Mann

The mysterious missing of a teenager.

A series of murders unconnected with one another.

Will detective Scala solve the mystery before other innocents will meet their fate at the hands of the killer?

Rome, Italy. When the missing of a teenage girl shakes the centenary quiet of a small town in the Roman hinterland, detective Scala realizes it will be the most challenging case in his career.

As Scala and his team investigate, they will soon focus on two key suspects. But as the case goes on, another body is found.

At that point, the sleuth understands that the key to catch the killer lies in the apparent perfect life of the missing teenage girl.

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