The Mystery Writers: Into a Dark and Fragile Night

What’s a good mystery? You can start with the gripping, suspense novels written by Jennifer Chase and Kelly Marshall.

What’s a good mystery?

It’s the darkness.

How dark is the crime?

How dark is the killer’s mind?

Will everything be lost in the darkness.

It’s a study in the fragility of our existence.

How fragile are the decisions we make?

How fragile is life itself.

It’s that call no detective wants to hear.

It’s the call that death awaits.

It’s the call that an innocent has been murdered.

It’s the call that begins our long walk into a dark and fragile night.

What’s a good mystery?

You can start with the stories written by Jennifer Chase and Kelly Marshall.

Be careful.

It’s a jungle out there.

The Fragile Ones by Jennifer Chase

When the bodies of eleven and twelve-year-old sisters, Tessa and Megan, are found at the bottom of a ravine—dressed in matching pastel summer outfits, their small bodies broken from the fall—Detective Katie Scott is called to one of the most shocking and heartbreaking crime scenes of her career.

Carefully picking through the fragile remains, Katie makes the first of many disturbing discoveries: the girls were not biological sisters. The youngest, Megan, is a DNA match to a kidnapping case years before. The tiny number burnt into her skin the mark of a terrifying killer intent on keeping count of his collection.

Her PTSD from the army triggered, Katie is left reeling as she maps other missing children in the local area. Has this twisted soul found a way to stay nearby his victims? Could he be watching now as Katie hits one dead end after another?

A wild storm building, matching a fiber found during the autopsy to a nearby boatyard is the break Katie needs. But when another girl goes missing, just as lightning strikes and the power goes out, Katie only has her instincts, her team and her service dog to rely on. As time runs out for Katie to finds the stolen child alive, who will become the next number on this monster’s deadly list?

6 White Roses by Kelly Marshall

It’s the call no cop wants to get.

A body has been found on the shores of Seattle’s Lake Union, and the victim is a child.

When homicide detective Nick Winston zips the body bag over Emily Chatburn’s lifeless body, he makes a vow.

He and his partner Pat Strom will find the monster who killed this wisp of a child and make him pay.



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