The Majesty of the Mountains

Tennessee Mountain Pan

Frank C. Etier knows well the high country of the Great Smoky Mountains. He lives among them. He finds inspiration among them. They have become some of his favored subjects for his photographic art.

The mountains are always changing.

A new light.

A different light.

Fog in the morning.

A mist rising from the valley.

Spackled sunshine on the clouds.

Etier never knows what specter of beauty he will run across next.

Nature has an amazing palette of color.

About Tennessee Mountain Pan, he wrote: “We spent the day in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, with close friends and their kids. We enjoyed a long conversation while the kids swam in the indoor pool with snow on the ground outside. Interstate 40 took us home.

“It was late afternoon, and the sun was low in the sky, pouring golden light onto the mountains. We passed a tractor-trailer and looked over the next hill and were stunned by this un-named mountain on the horizon. Season tickets to Dollywood afford us frequent visits to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.

“I hit the emergency flashers, against all common sense, slowed to park on the shoulder of a busy interstate. This was a shot not to be missed.

“Repeated blasts of horns from larger vehicles reminded me of my folly. Using a road sign and legs to form a human tripod, I got this shot and returned to safety.

“We’ve seen this mountain many times but never in this light, covered with snow. Unable to find a name, for it, it has become my own personal Matterhorn.”


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