The Magical Moments of Little Falls

Little Falls

Artist/photographer John Sedgwick stays on the move. He flees all touches of civilization. He’s at home in the hidden places.

His roads take him to places others don’t go.

They have no reason to go.

John Sedgwick does.

He says,”There is a river in these parts that runs fast and true. A scant hour from the urban bustle of Seattle, the Rapid River courses crystal clear out of the high Cascades.

“It was late May; alpine snow fields were melting fast, driving white water running to the sea. Off to the side where the river flows like liquid glass, Little Falls caught my eye. Boulders draped in emerald moss rise up from green waters.

“And there in the middle was Little Falls, delicate, water serene and frothy white, tumbling over boulders on their way to the sea. The approach was treacherous. Wading out into the water, strong currents tugged at my feet.

“I wondered aloud, ‘I must be crazy doing this, one misstep and I too will be on my way to the sea.’ Artistic inspiration is often the fifth horseman of personal apocalypse, tempting the artist to take chances better left to wading bears.

“This one worked out gifting me a priceless visual moment in time.”

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