The Madeline Dawkins Series of Cynthia Hamilton

Madeline Dawkins has dual careers as private investigator and event planner to the Santa Barbara elite, and they keep her on her toes.

A lifelong reader and lover of the written word, Cynthia Hamilton turned to writing in 2000 as a means of coping with a debilitating illness.

Since then, she has written fourteen books, twelve of which are available on Amazon. In addition to THE MADELINE DAWKINS MYSTERY SERIES, she writes general fiction and some memoir (FINDING RUTH and ONCE UPON A LYME…A TALE OF TWO JOURNEYS).

The Madeline Dawkins Series has really captured her imagination. Madeline’s dual careers as private investigator and event planner to the Santa Barbara elite keep her on her toes.

Her jobs sometimes overlap, as seen in HOUSES OF DECEPTION. Her latest book is BREACH OF TRUST.  All of the books in the series can be read as standalones.

Books in the Madeline Dawkins series are Spouse Trap, A High Price to Pay, Girl Trap, The Trouble with Paradise, The Patience of Karma, Houses of Deception, Other People’ Money, and Breach of Trust.

In a recent interview on SPEAK UP TALK RADIO with host Pat Rullo, Cynthia shares where she found the inspiration for her novels. You can listen to the interview by clicking the link below:

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Cynthia Hamilton

Spouse Trap

Blackmail, sabotage, and blood-chilling suspense converge in this phycological thriller meets detective mystery.

Madeline wakes up naked in a five-star hotel with no memory of how she got there. At home, her husband is threatening to file for divorce. Someone sent him a series of incriminating pictures from last night, all featuring Madeline…in bed with a man she doesn’t recognize.

It’s an obvious setup, but nobody will believe her unless she can prove it.

Disgraced from her Santa Barbara community, Madeline is left to fend for herself against an invisible enemy. But each new clue pulls her deeper into a dangerous game, where old friends turn into enemies and nobody can be trusted.

As her enemy’s attacks grow increasingly personal and disturbing, it’s clear they will do anything to destroy Madeline’s reputation…or even her life.

Told through the eyes of an unsuspecting wife who must navigate the misinformation and betrayal found around every corner.

The Trouble with Paradise

A blast from Madeline’s past threatens everything she has built for herself.

Madeline Dawkins knows all about troubled marriages. So when the Santa Barbara D.A. makes a personal appeal to the private investigator, it dredges up everything she’s hoped to forget.

A widow insists she didn’t kill her older husband. Another is convinced that her husband didn’t take his own life.

Madeline and her partner, Mike Delaney, sort through the greed and betrayal to find the truth, digging up the secrets both husbands have taken to their graves.

And it’s not just the D.A. who is hoping the skilled detectives can solve a longshot case. Madeline’s ex-husband wants to clear the name of Lindsay Bartholomew, an inmate who insists she has been set up to take the fall for someone else’s crimes.

Madeline doesn’t want to believe her ex could be a changed man, just as she doesn’t want to believe that these lost cause cases are anything but open and shut.

But as she starts peering into the once beautiful lives of these couples, she’ll learn that if a certain killer isn’t already behind bars, then that hunter is still free…

…and more than capable of murdering to stay that way.

Breach of Trust

Ignorance is bliss, until the ugly truth surfaces…

When PI Madeline Dawkins is summoned to Monte Verde―the serene assisted living complex where her father resides―she’s concerned Mack’s ideal setup is about to come to an end. Instead, the facility director enlists MDPI’s help in resolving a very troubling situation.

Someone is sending poison pen letters to the residents of Monte Verde, hinting at dark secrets from their pasts—secrets that could destroy many lives if they were exposed.

As Madeline learns more details about this insidious blackmail scheme, she discovers dangerous resentments building beneath the tranquil surface of Monte Verde. It turns out nearly everyone there has something to hide, and those secrets could have devastating consequences if they are revealed.

Back at the office, the attorney next door has a client going through a very ugly divorce. The estranged husband has launched a particularly nasty intimidation offensive designed to wear his wife down. The tactics he’s using to force her to relinquish her share of their community property assets stop just shy of criminal. It’s time to fight back, and from Madeline’s own experience, she knows exactly what that entails…

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