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Star Wars is all about good versus evil, light versus dark, and the hero wins.
Star Wars is all about good versus evil, light versus dark, and the hero wins.

DON’T WORRY, just in case you haven’t seen the new Star Wars, I won’t give anything away.

Coming from a family of science fiction fans it was a given that we would be among the first ones to see the first Star Wars which opened May 25, 1977, and again among the first on December 18, 2015.

It didn’t disappoint. In fact, it was awesome. Yes, I remain among the millions of fans of Star Wars.

What makes so many of us fans for so long? Perhaps it is the level of imagination, the drama, the characters, and special effects. And it is the qualities of honor, love, courage, and loyalty. But there is something more.

Beca Lewis
Beca Lewis

It’s the theme of light versus dark, good versus evil. It is the mystery of the Force.

We can watch an imaginative interesting story, that doesn’t exist here on earth, and be assured that the dark can be defeated, no matter where it is found. We are grateful that so many of us know, and acknowledge, that the Force does exist and is always with us.

We love the proof that love is stronger than hate. That communities working together can defeat the dark side of the force.

We learn something too. We learn that the Force must fight the counterfeit force of darkness. It doesn’t just happen.

We learn that each of us has to choose to not go to the dark side, no matter what the temptation. We understand that we can’t be like Ben Solo, lured so far away from the light, by Snoke, the ugly face of the dark side, that he was given the new name of Tylo Ren.

We know that choosing the dark side will eventually destroy him because that is what the dark side does.

Although set in a Galaxy far far away, the lesson is personal and we can find its correlation within our daily life and the world’s events.

The dark side comes to each of us with its promise of power. In our world we call it greed, revenge, and control of others. It wears masks of deception. It claims to be on the right side.

But, Star Wars fans know that is a lie.

We learn that we too have to fight the temptation within ourselves to succumb to the dark side of power. We have to actively choose the light, and as simple as it sounds, do what’s right at all times no matter what the cost appears to be.

In Star Wars, FN-2187 represents the person that has been brought up on the dark side, and yet awakens to the light and then chooses to follow it. As he awakens he too is renamed, and becomes Finn.

He becomes a hero, awake and aware.

On the dark side, they are not. They are asleep. They follow orders without questioning the morality of it.

We are not asleep. We are awake and aware. As we awaken, the light within others also awaken.

The Force can be hard to hear when we are unconsciously tuned into the voice of the Snokes in our world. We have to stop and take time to listen, pause, and then choose to do what’s right.

Go see the movie. Carry its lesson home. Remember that the Force surrounds us all.

It is available to us all, but we have to practice to see it and apply it. We have to choose the right side.

It is the power of love that will always, always, always win, but we have to awaken to it, and make the choice to follow it.

May you know that the Force is with you, always

Beca Lewis is the author of The Daily Shift.


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