The Flower Enigma: Trouble returns to Magnolia Bluff

Magnolia Buff does have quite a track record for dastardly deeds weaving their way through the town’s beautiful little streets.

The journey always brings you back to Magnolia Bluff.

It’s a quiet little town.

It’s a quaint little town.

Good people.

Good times.

Full of hopes.

Full of dreams.

But trouble always finds its way back to Magnolia Bluff.

Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey

The acclaimed writing team of Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey find plenty in Book 5 of the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles: The Flower Enigma.

I have been a devoted fan of their Enigma series for a long time.

Charles and Rox write Technothrillers and take me into a cyberspace world that I didn’t even know existed.

It’s real.

It’s frightening.

It’s becoming more dangerous every day.

I wondered how Charles and Rox would handle their journey into Magnolia Bluff.

Technothrillers hang on the outer rim of Science Fiction,

Magnolia Bluff is filled with people who have bought computers for the sole purpose of playing solitaire.

Could Charles and Rox make it work?

They did brilliantly.

The women of the town decide to crawl into the modern world and air a regular Podcast.

It’s live.

Get the news here.

Get it first.

Rumors accepted.

Gossip appreciated.

Opinions are part of today’s news broadcasts.

But something goes terribly wrong.

Here come the hackers.

The Podcast is knocked off the air.

There are threats.

A teenager is missing.

Lives are at stake.

And the fate of Magnolia Bluff lies in the hands of a young technological guru who came to town with his girlfriend for a romantic getaway at the Flower Bed and Breakfast.

The tension tightens.

What happens next?

Read and find out.

You’ll find yourself gripped by the impact of every word.

Magnolia Buff does have quite a track record for crime weaving its way through the town’s beautiful little streets.

In Book I, Death Wears a Crimson Hat, there’s murder brewing when a member of the Crimson Hat Society, the queens of gossip and rumors, is struck down by a hit-and-run car.


Or Murder.

In Eulogy in Black and White, Book 2, the town is living in dread and fear. For the last eight years, someone always dies violently on May 23, and May 23 is right around the corner.


And who’s next?

With Book 3, The Great Peanut Butter Conspiracy, one of the upstanding citizens of the town has died.

A shame.

A great loss.

But his ghost hasn’t left, and man’s ghost is calling his death murder.

You Won’t Know When … Or How, Book 4, sees a visiting priest come to town, listen to confessions when his friend, Father Lee, is called out of town. And he hears an unknown voice say, “I’m gonna kill you.”

And the visiting priest can’t tell anyone.

He’s committed to silence by the Seal of Confession.

People are always on edge in Magnolia Bluff.

They have a reason to be.

People keep dying.

The only part of the town growing larger is its cemetery.

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