The preacher said the world was ending. A follower speaks out about the suffering.

If the preacher is right, this is where the Lord will return to earth when the world ends.
If the preacher is right, the Lord will return to earth at Bangs, Texas, when the world ends.

I wrote a blog a month or so ago about a traveling evangelist who had come to the flat lands of Bangs, Texas, nailed his tent to the hard caliche dirt, and began to preach that the world was only days away from ending, even though the empty prairie around him looked as though he had driven into town too late.

The world had already ended.

His was a sad story.

It wasn’t a new story.

His voice boomed.

His message struck fear into the hearts of the damned, and all of us were damned. I know. I sat there listening to him preach.

And his converts came from near and far.

Sell your homes, he said.

Sell your cars, he said.

Sell everything you have, he said.

The Lord is coming, and you won’t need it anymore.

Sell it.

His message was clear.

And give it all to the preacher.

I wrote the story years ago. The county sheriff tried to shut him up and shut him down. The preacher prayed that God would strike down the lawman. God was all powerful. But he wasn’t a hit man.

In tent revivals across the heartland, the message is always the same.
In tent revivals across the heartland, the message is always the same.

I only touched the surface of an ugly situation simmering down somewhere between the tent revival and the gates of hell. When the blog ran, a child of parents who were following the preacher wrote me.

And this is her story.



No name.

None needed.

And full of pain and emotion I will never know.


Times were even harder for us back then than you could imagine. I was drug here by parents who believed this mans lunatic rantings. Raised in this church i had no idea that all his rediculous prophesies were false.

As a child i shook in my shoes during his long winded sermons and prayed to die every night so i would not have to endure the judgements he fore told of.

Attending school was not mandatory as the world was going to end ( according to him ) any day. We were laughed at and teased to tears in school. Hungry almost every single day as most of the time we had no food as parents gave all of their money as well as food stamps ( and yes they would demand our food stamps as well as money ).

We were never ever dressed in style or even appropriately for the weather. He is a heartless evil man. What other kind would dare the mothers and fathers of small children to walk out with even a dime in their pockets night after night?

The stories i could tell you would make you want to stone him, smiling the whole time.

He is still up there and still yelling all that judgement. How do i know all this. I worked for him for a while as a young grown up. That is how i found out the truth.

I wish the sherrif would turn him in again for tax fraud because you know he is still at it. Just sit in his service and watch……

Oh yeah, he is now saying he never told anyone to move here to escape judgement. He said he stated that he was moving here and all of us just followed him here. He also said God would start killing people if they didn’t stop that lie.

I just dont understand how any grown up could fall for that stuff he said or rather screamed at us. Night after night he would terrorize us with prophesies of destruction and suffering unless we gave all we had. He has actually had his guards to knock down and sit on people who tried to leave the service before he was through.

He once slapped a middle aged black woman right in the face in the middle of a service saying she was lusting after him !!!!! He has a God syndrome going on. He says if you support him, God will let u and your kids into heaven. He claims God or Jesus speaks to him every day.

He’s a hot mess to say the least. I have decided he is an athiest. He has to be. There is a line you and me will not cross when it comes to church. We would never stand in a pulpit and lie and say God appeared to us and said thus and thus and so. We would never !!!!!  But obviously, he would and does.

One of his step children wrote a book about him. She alludes to the fact he might raise Randall, his son, from the dead. The church was packed out. Not because we wanted Randall raised but rather like,”oh my God please dont do it!!!” Randall was twice as evil to us as his dad. He was a bullty to say the least.

He demanded money from the pastors or people before and sometimes during the service and might actually say,” i can make my daddy love you or hate you.” He has spit on people. Hit people. Threw a big red soda all in a ladys face because he told her to move and she didn’t do it. We would cringe when we saw him coming toward us and let out a sigh of relief if he passed us on by in lew of a ‘better’ victim. This is not hear say…. i was eye witness to all of this.

i used to wonder how he could sleep at night and then it hit me…….pretty darn good on thousand dollar sheets………May God have mercy ( though very little) on him.


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