The District Attorney: Meet the Characters of Borger: Last Dance at Sundown

The shady side of Booger Town learns quickly that John Holmes is a new kind of district attorney, tough, decisive, and bad for business.

It’s the 1920s.

Texas Governor Dan Moody has a problem.

In far West Texas, the boomtown of Borger is running wild.



It’s a lawless town.

Can anyone tame it?

The Texas Rangers tried.

Twice they tried.

Borger is still running wild with bootleggers, gamblers, and girls of the night.

The town needs a tough District attorney to bring law and a measure of order to the town.

But who can he send?


Borger has all the makings of a fine, new city in the Panhandle. But crime is simmering on the streets and in dark, smoke-filled rooms. The Texas Rangers thought they had cleansed the boomtown of its criminal element, and they had, but only for a month or so.

One road took the crooks out of town. A couple of months later, when the smoke had cleared, and the guns of the Rangers were no longer a threat, the same road brought them all back to town again. Borger was back to its wayward ways of drinking and card shuffling, selling love on the cheap, and dancing long before sundown.

John Holmes is fairly high on the governor’s list to replace Curtis Douglas as the district attorney in Borger. It appears to be a simple choice. Holmes is a crime fighter. He is relentless in his pursuit of justice. And he is already practicing law in the Hutchinson County courthouse. He knows his way around a boomtown. But a nagging thought remains lodged in Moody’s brain. What if John Holmes has already been tarnished by the bad side of Borger? What if the underworld has bought him as well?

The governor receives a letter from W.D. Christopher assuring him that Holmes is “a bold and fearless champion of law, order, and decency.” He is a devoted family man with a wife, Velma, and daughter. His wife teaches music, and Holmes has a solid reputation in the legal field.

Moody makes his decision.  John A. Holmes is his man.

His man will have to fight alone.

It does not take the shady side of Booger Town long to realize that John Holmes is a new kind of district attorney. He’s tough. He’s decisive. He means business, and he is bad for business. One man does not stand a chance of shutting down their illegal schemes and nefarious deals, but the district attorney is making it extremely difficult for them to carry on their evil ways.

They offer him a bribe.

Good money.

Lots of money.

More money than a district attorney can ever hope to make.

Don’t have to do much.

Stay out of our way.

Live and let live.

Holmes refuses.

They try again.

Same answer.

A great time of unrest begins to swell deep within the chambers of the Borger underworld. There is only one way to deal with a man like John A. Holmes.


And let die.

Nobody blinks.

Nobody knows who will pull the trigger.

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