The Cybercrime Fighter: Meet the Characters of Magnolia Bluff

JJ resides in a world all of his own in, caught in a universe where Global technology is outrunning humanity.

JJ is housed in Sao Paulo.

He’s a techie of the highest order.

He leads the Cyber Assassin Technology Services, supporting global customers with their end-to-end digital operations for telecommunications, networking digital security, and physical security needs.

He’s twenty-five years old.

He’s over six feet tall.

He could pass for a male model.

JJ resides in a world all of his own in, caught in a universe run by complex adversaries with supercomputer.

It’s a world where technology is outrunning humanity

He’s no stranger to the dark net.

He knows that wars both big and small are being fought where few dare to go, hidden somewhere deep on the dark Web.

JJ fights cybercrime.

At home.

And away.

So what in the world is JJ doing in Magnolia Bluff, an eccentric little town in the Texas Hill Country where good, solid citizens use their computers to track down an occasional recipe, pass photographs back and forth on email and never dabble in anything more intricate or sophisticated than Facebook, Twitter, and Solitaire?

Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey

JJ sighed with relief when the GPS indicated the last turn to Flower B&B a mile up the gravel filled road.

“JJ.” Jo pointed out the window. “Look at that church steeple. I bet there’s a bell. You said the town wasn’t too far from where we’re staying, right?”

“Exactly. We’re coming from outside of the main town. When I called, the owner said we could walk to the square, but to bring walking shoes. Did you?”

“Yes, and my swimsuit for the reservoir you mentioned if it’s hot. I even bought a pair of cowboy boots so you can take me dancing.”

Surprised, JJ swerved the car due to his slight distraction. “I don’t know about the dancing part, but I’ll try. I can’t resist a chance to have you in my arms.”

He parked in front of the quaint two-story clapboard building. Lace curtains swayed to the breeze from the open windows upstairs.

“Wow, JJ, this is so pretty. Bursts of purple, white, and yellow blooms are all around this place. The name makes sense now. The grey with white trim creates the perfect canvas for these flowers.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek. “This is a fabulous place.”

Not as amazing as you, he thought.

She opened the door and climbed from the car, out of habit adding her sun hat and dark glasses at the last minute.

He extracted the bags from the trunk and handed Jo hers. His arm settled around her waist and tugged her close. “It’s better than the website’s photos. What an ordeal to get here though. They need a map for visitors. My GPS had trouble finding Magnolia Bluff as well as Flower B&B.”

Giggling, Jo added, “I liked when you tried to explain to the people you asked where we were going, and they felt you were nuts to go to a B&B in such a little town. I don’t understand why there were so many California license plates in Austin, Texas. California must have really ticked off their citizens. Still, thank you for finding this gem. The traffic is easier to maneuver than São Paulo.”

“You’ve got that right, babe. Come on. Let’s check in and chill for the rest of the afternoon. Perhaps a little white wine for you and a quart of tequila for me might take the edge off.”

“You’re so funny. You don’t like tequila. I’m looking forward to a warm, soapy bubble bath in that clawfoot tub you saw in the photos.”

“Small towns have a way of unwinding people with their laid-back pace of life.”

They held hands, and the sounds of voices increased as they walked around the corner. It surprised them to see a small crowd gathered at the entrance.

JJ whispered into her ear, inhaling her delightful fragrance. “These folks must love the food Flower serves; the reviews were great.”

“What’s up?” Jo asked a woman in a flowered-print shirt, jeans, and a cowboy hat. “We didn’t expect a crowd.”

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