The Crime Solvers: Meet the Characters of Magnolia Bluff


Review: “A cat and mouse mystery with a very dangerous villain in the shadows just waiting to bounce on our amateur investigators.” 

Their friend is missing.

They haven’t seen her in a year.

They had first thought she might have taken a vacation.

Now they’re worried.

What has happened to her.

Has someone taken her?


There has been no ransom note.

No random telephone calls in the night.

No word at all.

These ladies don’t simply stand around and wring their hands with anxiety.

They’re afraid.

They’re mad.

They’re ready to find their friend.

In The Dog Gone Diamond Dilemma, Book 10 in the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles, they know they may wind up in jail.

They don’t care.

It’s time for action.

And they’re ready to move and move swiftly regardless of the consequences.

Linda Pirtle

The Crime Solvers

Daphne removed her headband, and her unruly curly hair popped up like red poppies reaching for the sky in the springtime. Not one of LouEllen’s blonde curls was out of place. Magnolia’s brown hair sported slightly graying temples, giving her an air of sophistication. But truth be known, Magnolia was the most down-to-earth friend Caroline possessed despite being the wealthiest of them all.

“Let’s talk about that,” Caroline said and then added, “Esther’s disappearance, I mean.”

“Yes, it’s time we get serious,” Magnolia said.

“Did you have an opportunity to glean information from Chief Jager?” LouEllen asked.

“Yes and no. As usual, he told me to mind my own business. Let him do his job, blah, blah, blah. But when I mentioned the cleaning crew and the lawn maintenance, he perked up.”

“You mean to tell me that he is so oblivious that he never noticed that Esther’s yard hasn’t been overgrown all summer?” asked LouEllen.

Magnolia laughed. “Need you ask that question?”

“Well, even a blind hog finds an acorn sometimes,” said Daphne. “Let’s give him the benefit of a doubt.”

“Benefit, my. . .you know what,” said Magnolia. “Our friend is missing, and I don’t think he has the first clue about how to find her.”

“What say you?” LouEllen asked Caroline.

“Here’s what I’ve been thinking,” Caroline began.

“I need more spirits. When you start thinking, we usually end up in trouble,” Daphne said. She reached for the now almost empty bottle and poured a generous portion into her goblet.

Caroline stood and unlocked one of the cabinet drawers. She retrieved another bottle of wine and relocked the drawer. “Here. I’m thinking we four will need more before the evening is over.” She waited for Magnolia and LouEllen to replenish their glasses.

Magnolia shuddered.

“What’s wrong with you?” asked LouEllen.

“Persimmon wine? I don’t care what Mary Lou says, I wouldn’t miss that event for anything.” Magnolia grinned. “Can you imagine all the puckered lips at that tasting?”

The women started laughing. “It will be ugly. Too ugly to imagine,” Daphne said.

Caroline stopped giggling. “Okay. Enough of that. Let’s get serious.”

“Yes, let’s. I need to make sure the lounge is locked up and the bar is closed on time. Can’t afford any fines from the liquor control folks.” Lou Ellen reached for a carrot and swirled it in the vegetable dip. “Mm, good.”

“Think back,” Caroline said. “With the exception of LouEllen, we were burglarized about this time last year. Remember it was Esther who helped the culprit break into our homes.” She waited for both Daphne and Magnolia to nod. “I think it’s time we turned the tables.”

Magnolia raised her left eyebrow questioningly, and Daphne’s eyes resembled those of a deer facing headlights.

Only LouEllen was shaking her head. “If you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, I want no part of it. I can’t afford an arrest.”

“Then, my dear friend, I think you’d better not hear my proposal,” Caroline said.

LouEllen stood, but before she turned to leave, she said, “Never fear. My lips are sealed, but my pocketbook is open. Let me know how much you need to pay him.”

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