The Coming of a Perfect Spring

Dogwood Canyon  Audubon Center

WHISTLING WINGS.  A pair of mourning doves rocket across the road, their bodies the color of a cloudy dawn, and disappear in the cedars.

The hardwoods are still barren of leaves, the morels have sprouted up like little gnomes and my family has been hunting them.  They add a very nice touch to our meals.

The redbuds are blooming and look so bright and beautiful among the green cedars.  And, the dogwoods are bright white lights threaded through the woods.

Later, this April, the leaves begin to flock the ash, the oaks, and other trees.  It is thrilling to see them slowly garb the tree limbs and turn green on these hills.

The fish are biting, too, after a winter of repose in icy waters.  We fished a bend of Beaver Creek the other day.  This was a secluded section of creek where a waterfall on the opposite bank cascaded over low limestone outcroppings. A pair of canoes floated by and were the only foreign voices we heard until they vanished around the bend.  It was like watching a living painting for just a few moments.

We caught sunfish and tossed them back in.  Little creatures with bright and shiny colors on their scales.  And lively as mechanical toys.

The buzzards have returned, too, and fill the sky with their arial acrobatics.  They float under an azure sky on a cleanup mission, as stately as old time preachers with wings.

Now, as the woods slowly greenup, I sense the life that has returned to these Ozarks hills.  Green meadows suddenly appear and carpet the land, bright as Robin Hood’s tunic.  Tiny flowers and flags border the roads, tiny blue and red complements to the greenery, as if some master painter had added some final touches to a masterpiece.

So, the Spring comes in all its velvet splendor and the air seems more pure, the breeze more refreshing and the clouds more graceful as they sail the blue skies.

There is a refreshing chill in the morning air, that is like a dash of cool water on my face.

Every day we see deer cross the road or pass by our house on some mysterious mission.  They are graceful and unafraid, as if they are taking delight from our human spring.  But, it’s their spring, too, and I’m glad they reminded me that happiness is in the little joys of life.

It’s magical and mystic, this spring.  As if life begins just at this moment and turns more glorious by the hour, the lengthening days. The sun seems brighter and the nights more precious.  There is a fragrance to the air as flowers bloom almost everywhere you look.

That fragrance is the perfume of Spring.

A perfect Spring.


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