The Chosen, a novel by Andrea Buginsky



THE CHOSEN  is a young adult book about Halli a teenage dwarf with healing powers. Beleaguered Queen Laurali presses her into service to save her kingdom from destruction at the hands of an evil goliath, Prince Gastle.

The Chosen, a Novel by Andrea Buginsky
The Chosen, a Novel by Andrea Buginsk

In her telling of the story, author Andrea Buginsky draws on universal motifs, those fundamental themes that make readers pull for their heroes, themes chronicled in Christopher Vogler’s classic work, THE WRITER’S JOURNEY.

Halli shows us how a young person, insecure and unaware of her inner strengths, can learn to draw from the depths of her soul to meet terrifying and dangerous challenges. Her voyage of self-discovery reinforces within her the values her parents taught her, while it teaches Halli that a true person learns to rely on and come to the aid of her friends through thick and thin.

I spent many years reading to my daughters in those hours that preceded sleep.  THE CHOSEN is the sort of book that would have come in handy many times. It has a quality of wonder about it, excitement tinged with fun, bizarre creatures, battles and even a touch of the first stirrings of romance. It is a book readers from ages five through preteen (and their parents) will enjoy. It is a quick read with memorable characters galore.

I noticed a slip or two, such as the horse’s “reigns” instead of “reins” for example, but these are picky things which Buginsky could correct in a digital second edition.

THE CHOSEN is Andrea Buginsky’s first novel.  According to her web page, she is working on a sequel. I look forward to more adventures from the kingdom of Phantasma.

(reviewed for Women ‘s Literary Cafe)

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