The Blogger’s Collection of Great Books: Part 2


THEY ARE OFTEN WITH YOU more often than friends.

You can count on them showing up when you need something special to read.

They are the authors who blog regularly on Caleb and Linda Pirtle.

We are captured by their wit.

We appreciate their wisdom.

We are grateful for their insight into all things, big and small, literary and our fascination with the world around us and the fascinating characters who occupy that world.

If you haven’t read their books, you should.

They are as personal as one individual sitting down and visiting for a spell with  another.

We are honored to present the Blogger’s Collection of Great Books: Part 2.

The Book: When The Porch Light’s On

The Author: Don Newbury

51qb2F8C0hL._SX346_BO1,204,203,200_The Story: When The Porch Light’s On is a look at life through the eyes of a man who says he would have enjoyed being Walter Mitty’s little brother. Don Newbury has long been regarded as unconventional, and he admires the Mitty kind of life — going most places on purpose and then letting the wind take over.

Newbury is a keen observer of life as it exists on the slower side of the street. He may feel at home in the nation’s larger cities, but Newbury prefers the pace and rhythm, the wit and wisdom of Small Town America where a man on the other side of town can become a friend for life, even if you’ve met him only once and hardly ever remember his name.

He relishes the day’s news, particularly the common man who makes it, tweaking, twisting, and turning these accounts into the warm, gentle humor and sometimes heartbreaking stories that can have an impact on anyone’s life.

When the Porch Light’s On makes you laugh a lot, cry a little, and appreciate the foibles of the human condition. It is littered with an odd assortment of the most extraordinary characters you will ever meet.

As one columnist wrote: “Newbury is a master of humor, timing, and inspiration. He is determined to find healthy humor in at least every other link in the chain of human events. He refuses to take himself or his world seriously for more than a few minutes of time.”

But, no matter, how hilarious he writes, he leaves his readers remarkably enriched — a rare and important talent.

The Book: Accidents of Birth: Book One

The Author: Christina Carson

51Rq-mCcUoL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The Story: The greatest influence in setting the course of anyone’s destiny is where and to whom they’re born. What we’re taught to believe, what is asked of us, the burdens we’re given, the lies we share all start there.

Through the eyes of an illiterate Black housekeeper, Imogene Ware, born in 1928 in the post-Civil War enclave of Small Town in rural Mississippi, the reader gets to view the last half of the racially charged, politically divisive 20th century through her eyes.

In Book One, ten-year-old Miss Imogene goes to work with her mother, a housekeeper for the Sutton family, to learn the only job that will be open to her in the 1940s in Mississippi.

She takes over the position at age 19, startled at how much move involved it is than it appeared when her mother was in charge. Following her mother’s invocation to live loving the world, Miss Imogene’s initial struggles and trials set the stage for Book One as she allies herself with one of her charges, Katie Gayle Sutton, a child prodigy, in order that the child might survive her abusive parents and succeed as a dancer, the one escape route life offers her.

Aided by her earthy wisdom, her sense of humor, her loving husband, her cart horse, Polly, and her conversations with God Almighty as if He were the guy next door, Miss Imogene persists in her efforts only to find her own family becoming a target of a century’s old racism erupting once again in Mississippi.

The Book: The 28 Day Shift to Wealth

The Author: Beca Lewis

41XJV2quOpL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_The Story: WARNING: This book reveals the deeper meaning of WEALTH in only 28 days!

“Imagine finally having a handle on your physical, emotional, and monetary wealth, which allows you to go through life smoother, and more confident. That would be great, wouldn’t it?” Stop Imagining and Start Reading This Book!

It doesn’t happen, because you work hard to make it happen from the outside. It begins from the inside out. No one can make this shift of perception for you, you have to do it for yourself, and the sooner you do, the quicker you experience increased wealth and prosperity in all areas of your life.hook the reader and tell what your book is about and why they should bother reading it.

˃˃˃ This powerful book, with easy to apply ideas, are an effective tool for making that shift.

As soon as you begin this course, you will experience the shift from “making it happen,” to the internal shift that reveals what you need is just waiting for you to notice it. Change can happen, and Change is good. Your time to change is NOW.

The Book: Southern Investigation

The Author: Bert Carson

The Story: The real war starts when the battles are over.

Three Vietnam vets and the widow of a Vietnam vet know they have to stick together to survive the aftermath.

David, Shirley, and Tim grew up together on Lookout Mountain, in Northeast Alabama. Tim was killed in Vietnam. David, Robert, and Bill served together in Vietnam. They survived the experience, but barely.

After the war, David and Shirley formed a lawn care company and called it Southern Lawn Service. Bill hated cutting grass so they revamped and renamed the company, becoming private investigators and calling their company Southern Investigation.

Robert joined them a number of years later, just before Southern Investigation took on it’s largest case – the rescue of fifteen American POWs who had been captured by a war lord and held in a remote area in the south of Vietnam.

˃˃˃ Can the four partners of Southern Investigation, along with David’s dog, Mojo, pull off the rescue?

The answer is worth discovering.

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