Ten reasons why June is the best month for writing


The long hot summer is now underway in Texas, a time when one seeks shelter and holes up in a dark room, a ceiling fan whirling at its highest speed.

What better time could there be to write?

Here are ten reasons why June is the best month for authors.  I’m sure some of those reading this may be able to add other reasons to the list.

1. June is a great name for a character who outwardly appears friendly, but inwardly is full of all manner of evil and cowardice. Ugly June, they called her.

2. Being hot all the time makes a person want to slap the snot out of anyone within reach. Why not vent one’s hostilities on the page?

3. Romance writers love to write about sweaty bodies.

4. Sci-fi writers can set their books on snow covered mountains on Moon 4 of Narnivarsaoompetoomey. (Try to get that one through a spell checker.)

5. Football doesn’t start ’til August.

6. Baseball doesn’t get interesting until October.

7.  Despite the pundits who say that summer is a good time to sell books, no one really buys them.  So a writer can forget about making  money and write just because she feels it in her bones.

8.  Vacations are overrated.  Tell the spouse and kids to go somewhere far off and send postcards.

9. Public swimming pools are full of bacteria.  It is better to stay home.

10. The top TV shows are “Best Re-runs from Season Six of Survivor” and “Dancing with the Stars Contestants Who Were Eliminated in Round One.”

Need I say more?

What’s your favorite  month to write?




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