#TeamHalie week 2: changed lives, changed hearts

Halie Moody
Halie “Sunshine” Moody










It has now been ten days since a horrific automobile crash near Kilgore, Texas, claimed the life of Lloyd Webster of Minden, Texas.

Our prayers go out to the members of Mr. Webster’s family in their time of grief.

In that same wreck, a passenger in the other car, Halie Moody, received a head injury that has left her in a coma. Halie was eighteen years and one day old when the wreck happened.  She graduated from Sabine High School a week before the accident.  (click here to see my previous blog “When you find yourself in times of trouble, join Team Halie.”)

The waiting area for the intensive care unit at East Texas Medical Center in Tyler, Texas,  has become a home away from home for the family and friends of Halie Moody the last ten days as she continues her journey back from the darkness.

When the doctors performed their first evaluation of Halie, they used the Glasgow Coma scale to rate her injury.

Halie scored a five.

Glasgow Coma scale
Glasgow Coma scale

Then came last Sunday, Father’s Day 2012. For the first time, Halie opened her eyes, mere slits, and began to take in the world around her. She was able at the doctor’s command to look at her mother, her grandmother and her “bubba,” Chris.

Her rating on the Glasgow Coma Scale jumped from a five to a ten.

Don’t get me wrong.  This doesn’t mean that Halie is turning back flips  and skipping down the halls at the hospital.  She is confused and frightened, still struggling against her restraints.  She is only semi-conscious.  Because she has a tracheotomy, she hasn’t yet spoken a word since the accident.

Miracle is an over-used word. If the Oklahoma City Thunder beats the Miami Heat in the NBA Championship series this week, that’s not a miracle.  It’s just the outcome of a sporting event. If a person wins one hundred million dollars in the lottery, that’s not a miracle.  It’s just a lucky guess.

Jumping from a 5 to a 10 on the Glasgow coma scale in a week, that’s pretty close to a miracle.

But it isn’t the biggest miracle associated with Halie Moody.

The true miracle is what has happened in the lives of the members of Team Halie.

It started as a Facebook page where people could post the latest reports about Halie. (Click here to visit and “like” Team Halie on Facebook.)  More than a thousand people have joined the fight already.








But it has evolved into something else.  It is a fountain of goodness where people voice their prayers and spread the word, the word about a young girl fighting for her life. And it has become a virtual community of ordinary folks at an extraordinary juncture in their lives.

It is a place in the heart, a place where no one leaves unchanged.

Come join the transformation.







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