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“The body count grows as faith and politics collide.”

That’s how I would sum up the story line.

For an author, finishing a series is almost like saying goodbye to a dear friend for the last time.  He lives with a group of characters who become as real to him as the person next door.  Maybe even more so, because he has been in those characters’ heads the way he can’t be with real people.  His existence and his characters’ are tied together.

That is the experience I had earlier this week, when I realized that The Revelation Trilogy was coming to an end. The third book in the series, THE REVELATION EFFECT,  went live on Friday, June 15, 2012.  It had been in my head, in draft form, in editing and in final production for going on two years.

Now, it has taken wings.  Whether it will soar, crash or limp its way along remains to be seen.

In the book, a group of Christian zealots, who label themselves the Righteous Avengers resort to acts of terrorism in their attempt to destabilize the United States government.  The melee that ensues creates an atmosphere of fear,  fertile ground for those who offer simple answers to complicated problems.

THE REVELATION EFFECT is a fast-paced legal thriller, but it deals with serious social, political and religious themes.

Readers have shared many kinds words about the first two books in the series, LAST ONE CHOSEN and NEXT BEST HOPE.

For instance, one customer, “Nom de Plume,” posted this review of LAST ONE CHOSEN on Amazon:

Only an attorney author could produce a legal thriller that is authentic in its tone while it drives toward an amazing conclusion. In this book, Woodfin pits the raw power of the government against the highest virtues: love, justice and compassion. It is a cautionary tale which remains hopeful against all odds. I look forward to the next two books in the trilogy. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of LAST ONE CHOSEN.

The outstanding poet, Jo Vonbargen, was kind enough to review NEXT BEST HOPE.  This is one snippet.

…the story moves along at breathless speed, each chapter more dire than the last. One almost needs an oxygen tank. I won’t go into the brilliance of plot, the exquisiteness of language, or any of those things others have already said. It’s all there; it’s all perfectly there. Ultimately the purpose of reading, for me, is to learn and to feel something of the author’s spirit and worldview during the act of creation. I learned. I deeply felt. I’m still free-falling toward a vastly changed home turf, out of that rose-colored glider from which Stephen Woodfin so ably and purposefully shoved me.



Some one has said that one man’s terrorist is another man’s patriot.

In THE REVELATION  EFFECT, it is difficult to tell which is which.

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