Taking an Open Mind to an Art Show

River Gold by Annette Hanna. Find more paintings in the Art Section of Caleb and Linda Pirtle.

Guest blogger Judith Walnoha has a fascination for the autumn time of year when she can look forward to an invitation to an art show. It is, she says, a great place to attend with an open mind.

It’s that time of the year again! We are all going!

Are you going?

When? This Thursday from three to nine.Who’s going? Pat, Marie, & maybe Sue.

Are you driving? Maria drove last year, remember? Too much wine.

I really did enjoy myself last year. Good friends and I saw modern art sculptures, masterpiece paintings, cityscapes, and landscapes filled with light and beauty, images beyond words.

Four years ago was my first annual teacher’s open house at the Art Institute of Chicago. I am not a teacher with a Master Degree in Art or a bachelor’s degree in Art History or Social Sciences. My back ground is accounting with a degree in Business.  Yes, I am a “Bean Counter”, filing in as a Substitute teacher.  The state of Illinois completed a background check and I met state educational requirements. Due to the economy (not pretty), I found myself in a classroom learning and teaching at the same time. That is where I met and became friends with Art teachers who had colorful pictures, crayons, markers, stickers, pretty posters, and paint containers in their rooms.  They taught creativity!

Teaching was not my first love, and Art? Well, what is that thing? I know black and white, columns and numbers, profit and loss, financial statements. They tell a financial picture-not the same.

Each fall, now I secretly await the email invitation to the annual art event.

Last year as we were walking down the hall to the next exhibit, I noticed a display case to the side of the elevator. I gazed at it for a few seconds. I wonder what those pottery dishes, saucers, and vases were used for? They were so small. How could people serve food and drink with them.

Maria glanced over and said”Arn’t they pretty?” Celeste said she loved their color. Oh well! We are all different in our interpretation of art.

At the auditorium we saw a slide show presentation of Hopper, emphasizing the famous corner café painting, Nighthawks. Then we were taken to view the original painting. I was impressed! A masterpiece!

Each year was something different. A professor gave a tour one year on the silk Japanese pieces and described how they were made. Form and process just the explanation I needed.

French Impressionists allowed me to come to my own conclusions and still be correct with my opinions. I was starting to see art, from a different perspective and through different presentations.

The other day I was talking to a friend regarding an art fair at a neighboring town.

He said people only go for the free wine & cheese.

I disagree!  I want to see, to learn and to understand life through representation of art.  I am learning every day.  This year I will take my Open Mind to the Open House.  Want to come along? Just Go!

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