Take a Journey to Magnolia Bluff

The Hill Country town has a lot of good people, a few eccentric people, and every once in a while, Magnolia Bluff is jolted by murder.

Magnolia Bluff is typical small town America.

But it’s located in Texas.

In the Hill Country to be exact.

San Antonio’s not too far away.

Austin is closer.

It has a lot of good people.

A few eccentric people.

Some who are just passing through.

And every once in a while, the quiet little town is jolted by murder.

Magnolia Bluff is the fabrication of ten authors.

They built it with their imagination.

They populated it with fascinating characters.

And they are producing a new book each month through December.

The same characters keep weaving in and out of all the books.

Read the series and you’ll get to know the town, its residents, and those it has shipped the graveyard.

There’s even a laugh or two along the way.

We are proud to introduce you to the first three books in the Crime Chronicles of Magnolia Bluff.

Death Wears A Crimson Hat by CW Hawes

Secrets, gossip, and a murder that could reveal all.

Harry Thurgood just wants a quiet life, and to leave his past in the past. And he thinks he’s found the perfect place in sleepy Magnolia bluff, Texas. Until the murder of a prominent citizen threatens to let the skeletons out of his closet.

Quiet and unassuming, the Reverend Ember Cole wants nothing more than to be a good pastor to her congregation. And when her friendship with Harry threatens her job, she has to choose between friendship and the church.

However, when the murder is pinned on Ember, Harry decides he and Ember have to find the real killer to keep Ember out of jail and Harry’s past in the past.

But when Harry and Ember are almost killed in a hit and run, they realize the killer will stop at nothing to avoid being found. Even if he has to kill again.

Death Wears a Crimson Hat by CW Hawes is the first book in the new multi-author crime series: The Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles. Each book in the series will be written by one of The Underground Authors and will feature action, suspense, humor, and, of course, murder.

Eulogy in Black and White by Caleb Pirtle III

Death Stalks a Small Town.

Magnolia Bluff waits.

With apprehension.

With dread.

With terror.

May twenty-third is coming.

Somebody always dies on May twenty-third.


No one knows.

A killer walks in the shadows.

The killer is ready to strike again.

The Great Peanut Butter Conspiracy by Cindy Davis

Can lyrics from Jimmy Buffett’s songs help Bliss solve a month-old murder?

The Texas hill town of Magnolia Bluff looms as a mere distraction for Bliss Jager when the new-to-her motorcycle breaks down under a banner publicizing the annual persimmon festival. Her other thought at the time: What in the world is a persimmon?

Only in town an hour, she’s offered pizza-for-life and a job at Doyle’s General Store. The job comes with two perks: a yellow throat toucan, which is odd enough, but add to that the ghost of Merrick Doyle and life takes a vociferously strange turn.

The fatherly man is friendly and much loved, and related to most everyone in town. Trouble is, he’s been dead a month. Townspeople think he died of natural causes but he insists he was murdered.

Can Bliss expose the killer before people find out she’s been getting clues from a ghost, and um…a toucan? More important, can she find the killer before the killer finds her?

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