Stumbling around in the dark. How I Learned to Love Social Media. Part 2

NOTE: This is the second in a series. If you do not have an account with StumbleUpon or did not read the first article, here is the link:

Now that you have an account with StumbleUpon (SU) and are somewhat familiar with the home page, let’s turn on a few lights and put SU to work for you.

It all starts with the article/blog.

Here’s a blog my wife wrote for Caleb and Linda Pirtle.


Near the bottom appears a group of icons for various social media outlets.

In this case, you can see from the “counter” that this article has received 36 votes on StumbleUpon. SU visitors cast their votes for articles by clicking on the “Thumbs Up” icon in the upper margin on the article’s page. (See the first article in this series.) Each vote  increases your chances for more page views and that’s what we want — more readers viewing our articles.

Click on the “Stumble Upon” icon, it’s right under the counter.  The new window opens. It’s a simple fill-in-the-blank page.  The link will be automatically filled in for you.


Fill in the remaining blanks.

When you get to the tags(key words), be sure to use the same tags from the original article.

Click “Add this page.”  After a few seconds to process, SU will advise you that your submission has been added and prompt you to visit your “Likes” to see it.

The word, “Likes” will be hi-lighted.


It’s a hot link. Click it and you go directly to your SU page.


There you’ll see the article you just submitted. As you continue to submit articles, they’ll show up too, along with any others you voted for by clicking the “Thumbs Up” icon.

Next blog will go into detail on how to share your SU link and get more votes.


Suggestion from Chip:  I stay logged into SU all the time.  I open SU in a new browser window probably a dozen times a day. I often access my “Likes” simply by clicking on the “Profile” button at the top of my home page.

Please ask questions in the comments section below, and “Happy Stumbling!”

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